Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wet Paint and Separation Anxiety!

Pearl Street Plaza

Doug’s been gone three days and already we’re having severe separation anxiety.  There are a few . . .  no, several . . . uh . . . okay, let’s face it, there are LOTS of things that Doug does that I don’t even give a second thought to.  
So I’m lying there in bed, sound asleep, when I sit right up in a cold sweat!  “CRAP! Did Doug's shop get locked up?”  “AHHH!!  I wonder if the someone gave Jade her pill?" "SHOOT!  I was supposed to water the garden!"  "Did Jade get FED?"  “Did I get Doug’s mail?”   
Not being able to tag along with Doug this year was pretty much a drag but we’re both gaining a much better appreciation of each other!  Being the “detailed organizer” that I am, Doug left with a purple manila folder with an itinerary for the next two weeks along with “Exhibits A-F” of google maps and hotel confirmations, addresses and phone numbers!  Doug is painting in Estes Park as we speak and today, had a great day with near perfect weather.  Thank ya much, weatherman! 
This past weekend, as Doug was heading east, my BFF Julie and I headed southeast and spent the weekend in Helper at the Arts Festival.  We went to see my daughter, Amy, who works at the town-favorite cafĂ© “The Balanced Rock.”  With it being festival time and all, she spent the biggest part of our “bonding” time waiting tables with a smile, a sore back and very tired feet, while Julie and I strolled up and down the main street with Amy’s dog, Jeffrey, a Chihuahua/pug mix that we like to call a “chug!”  Here’s a pic of Jeff and I chillin on the deck Sunday morning.

It’s great to be somewhere where time really kind've stands still.  Or better yet, time moves forward and, quite frankly, you don’t care because you have no agenda and nowhere to be.  That’s how my weekend in Helper felt and I have to say, I don’t remember the last time I felt that way!  It was amazing!   
On the flip side, I talked with Doug after he’d finally arrived to his resting place for the night, and much to my chagrin, unthinkingly asked if he had decided on a spot to paint the next day.  Silence.  I felt much like Homer Simpson "DOH!!  Did I really say that or was I just thinking it?!" haha   I’m pretty sure I heard the phone drop to the ground as his hands flew up in air with an “are-you-kidding-me" look on his face.   My bad.  Yeah . . . he left home at o'dark thirty, drove well over 500 miles, stopped in Estes Park to get boards stamped for the plein air competition, then went on to Boulder to drop off 18 paintings for his upcoming show, and then followed my handy-dandy google maps back to find his hotel, which wasn’t as slick as I had hoped!  So yeah, asking if he’d scouted out his spot to paint went over much like giving someone a vacuum cleaner for mother's day!  haha  . . . and just for the record, that's never happened!  Doug is much too smart a man!   He's thinking, "Geez, honey, ya slave driver!" . . . so sorry darlin, really, I am!!   At that point, I tried to recover by sounding like we’d had an exhausting day of, uh, yeah, walking Jeffrey all over Helper on the hot pavement (main street's like 3 blocks ya know!) and throwing Jeffrey's mangled tennis ball over and over again in a grueling game of fetch!  I was near exhaustion!  Yeah, I know, no one is buying that.  
Well thanks for sticking with me through that . . here is your treat!  A preview of the show - I'm tellin' ya, the guy's a machine and rock star!  What can I say!  His opening reception opens on Saturday, September 4th from 6-9 pm at Earthwood Gallery on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO.  I found a great deal on a one-way ticket so I’m going to fly out next weekend and then make the 500+ mile trek home with him!  Should be great fun!  Would love LOVE LOVE to see some of you at the show if you’re in the Denver/Boulder area.  Also, side note, there are still a couple of spots left in the Helper fall workshop!  Come on down--Helper's a great little town!!  that totally rhymed, did you catch that . . . it just flowed off my tongue . . . crazy, I know . .  
Pine Creek Pass

This painting was the product of the great little study I posted a couple of months ago that was so tastefully snagged by our Estes Park friend, Linne Haddock, who also purchased a "buddy" to go with it!  We are thrilled that they have found such a great home, Linne!  Hope Doug gets to see you Estes Park!  Call him!
Mountain Side Cohorts

Ahh, I'm not sure where this is, but I am loving the purple flowers.  Students from Torrey are feeling the love here? I certainly am.   Doug putting the flowers in a painting makes me happy!

Table Prep

A great little place where I'm sure Doug is going to take me for lunch - and I'll bet he picks me a flower and puts it on my plate!  Fer-SHER!


Another beautiful Boulder Mountain spot!  That's a little heaven on earth that is!  We need to do another class there.  Hey - flash thought - we are putting together a "traveling" workshop that we are going to try and do next "late-summer-early-fall" where we'll travel throughout Utah and spend a couple of days in each place.  Helper, Boulder Mountain, Escalante, Zions . . . just givin you a heads up . . . 

I feel some shoes and jewelry shopping on the horizon . . .


The Torrey skies and clouds were amazing.  I can just almost feel the heat from the rocks, ahhh and a slight breeze, I think. 

Summit Slopes

One last view of Boulder Mountain.  This scene in the fall is something unbelievable.  Love watching the quakies' leaves shake and shimmer in the sunlight. Almost look like shiny coins . . .

Love to know what your favorites are . . . 

Talk soon!!