Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Davida Schulman has awarded me a Kreativ Blogger Award. The rules for accepting this award are the following:

Enter your "acceptance" on your own blog. List seven things about yourself and then list seven other art bloggers that you admire. You'll be tempted to list bloggers who are not artists or artists who are not bloggers but stick to artists who blog!

About myself:

1. I live in Sunset, Utah in the same house that I grew up in
2. I have painted since I was 10 years old - my first painting had a $2 price tag on it!
3. I have a great studio that is two doors down from my home, making for a great commute every morning
4. I have been married to my best friend, Jeanette, for 23 years and we have three amazing kids, Ryan 21, Amy 20 and Wesley 16
5. My painting buddy is Jade, our Jack Russell Terrier
6. I have the greatest family and friends (they're all family) in the world!
7. I once golfed 27 out of 31 days in a month during a painting class in Helper, Utah

Seven Artists who blog that I greatly admire:

1. Karin Jurick
2. Jennifer McChristian
3. Josh Been
4. Eldon Warren
5. Lane Bennion
6. Zach Procter
7. Wendy Chidester

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Masterpiece of Another Sort - November 2009

With as much as we were gone this summer, you would have thought that our garden would have been a big flop! But thanks to our 16-year-old Wesley, (youngest of our three beautiful children, pictured below left to right: Wesley, Amy and Ryan) who faithfully got up at 6:30 am all summer long to water our garden, it was the talk of the town! Right on the main drag in Sunset, many couldn’t believe the Braithwaite garden. The zucchini provided zucchini brownies for half the neighborhood, which included a plate to sample, an exact two cups of zucchini in a baggie and a recipe to make and share!

One of our admirers was our sweet neighbor, Charlyne Wise. Passing by one day, she asked “What in the world is that gray plant?” We finally figured out that it was an artichoke--a new addition to the garden this year. “Well you know you’re supposed to cut off the mother choke first, don’t you?” What?!! Choke the mother? I didn’t get it. Well this was news to us, so Doug and the kids finally (about mid August) had a ceremony in which they decapitated the mother choke and finally the artichokes began to grow!

Charlyne’s walking route includes a stroll by our garden every day so she was thrilled when we finally “dechoked” the mother! Needless to say, with such a short growing season left for the “chokes,” our biggest artichoke was barely bigger than a pea! It was our “joke” of the garden. We enjoyed telling that story to our friends.

One day while Doug was showing our friends, Bret Bryant and Julie Auguson around the garden, he told them the story of the artichokes. As he told them about the failure and the pea-sized artichokes, Bret looks in the center of the one plant and, with a befuddled look on his face, sees a full-size artichoke. He looked confused – “what’s this then?” he asked. Doug’s mouth dropped open as there in the center of the 2nd artichoke plant was a full-size beautiful artichoke! “What the . . ?” He reached down and picked it up. It was neatly severed at the stem . . . he looked at me and back at the artichoke and almost simultaneously, a smile came across our faces as we both said out loud “Charlyne!” We had a good laugh!!

In the midst of finally getting back into the studio, Doug and I have been trying to get our garden harvested and the yard and house winterized. So other than the artichoke failure, our garden was amazing.

Yielding probably over a thousand tomatoes, some of what are still in the “cool” back room getting promoted from the green box to the pink box to the red box! Salsa, melons, potatoes, peppers and zucchini, and apples coming out of our ears. Oh and I finally found my carrots after pulling up the pepper plants! (this is the other “garden joke” - - we put a $500 chain link fence around the garden to keep Jade from eating my 12 carrot plants!)

Some potatoes were almost as big as Doug’s head! I took a picture and sent it to my friend, Julie Williams– she sent a note back saying that she thought there was quite a resemblance between the potato and Doug, and wondered if he’d been cheating on me! hahaha good one Julie!

The apples kept coming – seriously if I didn’t get the bucket emptied by the end of the day, there was another bucket magically appeared the next morning. Applesauce, dried apples with sugar and cinnamon and apple pie filling. Plus eating apples with peanut butter was a treat!

The salsa was out of this world! Hot yet sweet . . . secret ingredient: peaches ☺ Special going on this month: Buy a painting and I throw in a bottle of my amazing salsa!!

Doug just finished tilling the garden, giving it a rest and time to rejuvenate itself, preparing it for the next growing season come spring. I really think this is a special ingredient to our amazing garden. It reminds me of how an amazing masterpiece comes about. Starting with a freshly-stretched canvas or board, ready for it’s first layer of gesso, then another, then another, until finally it is prepped and ready for its first brush stroke. They both are well thought-out, laid out carefully and nurtured step by step. Taking them full-circle – start to finish. Both masterpieces – one amazing artist – well that’s just from my perspective . . . and my very lame excuse for not posting a blog for over a month!

PS: his work has been amazing since returning to the studio. Here's a sneak peak . . .

Boulders on Boulder Mountain
40 x 42
This is a sneak peak of his February 2010 Show at Terzian Gallery in Park City! This is unbelievably amazing! It's life-size . . . I want to step into it and put my feet in the water . . .

Morning Porch Light
12 x 16

This was painted at the Spring City Plein Air Competition and was on display at the Eccles Community Art Center's "Eight & Friends" Show that opened last night! Many didn't get to see it because someone who doesn't live in the valley (with exquisite taste, I must say) came in at the beginning of the night and purchased it with the stipulation of being able to take it with them!! This was painted "en plein air" in about 4 hours. Amazing!!

Weber River
8 x 10

This is also at the Eccles Center "Eight & Friends" Show. Love it - you should go see it in person! 27th and Jefferson in Ogden. Great show with some great plein air painters, George Handrahan, Shanna Kunz and Susan Gallagher to name a few! Beautiful show!

Southbound Right Lane
8 x 10

This little painting was done as a "quick draw" at an opening at the Idaho Falls Art Center in Carr Gallery in Idaho Falls. That show was up through October - a Doug Braithwaite / Brad Slaugh duo! It was a fantastic showing. This painting is also at Eccles Art Center up for the next month or so. No one can paint a freeway intersection like Braithwaite! (course, has anyone else tried? Why would they! hahaha)

Misty Cliffs
5 x 6

This great little piece is at Crowley/Wilkerson Gallery in Elevated Spaces on 25th Street in Ogden. This show opened last night as well and is a "mini" show of over 150 beautiful paintings. Seriously, it's a must-check-out show as well. This was painted in Torrey on a very drizzly morning. Certainly a rain drop or two on this painting!

12 x 16

This is one of the most recent paintings finished in the studio. This, too, was sold during a "pre-viewing" of the show at Crowley/Wilkerson Gallery! But, fortunately, is still there to view for the next few weeks! Talking with a cute young couple, who were admiring the painting, said they enjoyed the "two views" of Doug's work - up close and the "far back" view. I always say "Doug's paintings are kind've a "buy one get one free" kinda deal--one painting to look at up close and another painting to view from afar! I'm brilliant, I tell you! ;)

11 x 14

This was painted in Huntsville I believe - on a paint-out with the plein air painting group! Starting to cool off and a touch of snow in the tops of those mountains! Are we ready for winter? I think not . . . This is also at Eccles Community Art Center "Eight & Friends" show. Call them at the center if you're interested in one of these paintings - they'd love to sell you one!

Changing of the Guard
12 x 16

Last but not least is this gorgeous fall landscape that was recently painted as well. Fall colors are beautiful! This is also in the "Eight & Friends" show at Eccles.