Monday, May 24, 2010

Man vs. Machine - Wet Paint!

It's been a crazy week and Doug and I are running in two different directions!  I am in Albuquerque with my work and Doug is in Midway teaching a class!!  We are hoping that our kids are being well taken-care of . . . hmmmm we just hope they are taking care of themselves and not requiring the assistance of dozens of neighborhood friends to hold the fort down!!  Anyone . . . anyone . . . check on them, will ya?  They're great kids - not worried! 

This week's "wet paint" is another great subject matter - now anyone wanna guess?  Hmmm, not anything he's done before.

Nope, no trees.  good guess tho.
No cars either.
No stoplights, but there is a light in it . . .
Other guesses???
Nope, no cows, or animals of any kind.  There is a man with a hat tho .  .
No water, no clouds - it's not plein air!  It's sort've a "steel" life!

I know, what else does the Braithwaite paint?? 

Well, if you guess the inside of a brewery, you were spot on!!  I'm certain a few of you guessed that, right?

"Man vs. Machine"

This is the inside of Uintah Brewery in Salt Lake City.  Seriously, who woulda thought the inside of the brewery would make such a cool painting?  Well, not me!!  But this is pretty dang cool.  

Made it home from Albuquerque and attended the 300 Plates Show in Salt Lake.  What a fun event!  They are making it better every year - very organized and structured.  Saw many of you there and it was great to chat with you!  Thanks to my sweet sister, Patrice (Rodeo Queen 1968 haha), for going with me!  Doug was still teaching his class but did make it down on Friday to attend the "Untitled" show at the Rio!  We also slipped over to Williams Fine Art to see an amazing show by Erin Westenskow Berrett and David Meikle!  Phenomenal!!  Thumbs up, Erin and David!  

The house was still standing when I arrived home so, thanks boys, for holding the fort down!  Was able to wrestle a couple of "demos" out of Doug that he did for his plein air workshop in Midway.  Always looking for an opportunity to wrestle!!    

"Back Yard in Midway"
8 x 10

"Mountain Side Near Willard"
8 x 10
Love the wet gooey paint here . . . I could SOOO mess this up right now!  hahaha 

Up and coming . . . Workshop in Helper June 14-19, Torrey Workshop June 24-27 and Ogden Workshop July 15-17.  

Do what you like--like what you do . . . and life is good . . .  gotta love it . . .



Saturday, May 8, 2010

Untitled Wet Paint!!

So this week's wet paint is seriously competiting as one of my all-time favorites.  Click on it and look at the detail (or non-detail).  Detail you THINK you see but really don't--the wrinkles in curtains, the reflections on the windows of the car, the lamppost.  Just so cool how one stroke creates the illusory detail that we think we see.   Anyway, after you've taken a minute to drool over this painting, we have to talk about one of Doug's biggest "hang-ups" if you will, in creating such a masterpiece!!

16 x 20

Ya ready?  Seriously . . I don't want to rush you if you're not done ooo'ing and ahhhh'ing.  Okay.  Well, I'm going to fill you in on one of Doug's little hang-ups.  

Naming the paintings has always been one of Doug's favorite parts of the painting process.  


No.  He hates it.  

When we are out painting,  I love how I say "we are out painting" hahaha I get anxious to get an image of the painting and then I say "what shall we name this one" and that's where the eyes glaze over and smoke starts to come out of his ears!  haha  That's when the fun goes OUT of painting.  Especially coming up with a name that hasn't been used before.  And let's not be too clever or funny, for heaven sakes!  There are a few of the duplicates that have given us some heartburn on occasion . . . Roadside.  I mean, boy, so many paintings were painted on the side of the road.  I suggest "Bill's Farm" or "Prairie Lane" but no, let's go with "Roadside."  Hmmmmm.  I like that, I usually say.  haha 

Well imagine Doug's excitement when he gets an invite to be part of an "Untitled Show."  You paint the painting, let the public give it a name!  Doug is so all over it.  This painting is going to the "Untitled" show which will be very fun and interractive with both artists and YOU!!  It is sponsored by the Utah Art's Council and an artist of whom we both admire and adore, Brad Slaugh, was chosen to be the curator of the show.  He has chosen 30 fabulous artists to submit an untitled painting and the public will get involved in suggesting names.  It will be held at the Rio Gallery 455 West 300 South in Salt Lake City and will run from May 13-June 10.  Opening Night will be great fun and we will be in attendance!  May 13 from 6-9 I believe.  And, if you don't know who Brad Slaugh is, well you best be googling his name!!  Now there's a guy who knows how to title a painting!  We have a couple of Brad's paintings, but one lovely piece in particular Brad titled "Doug's Ugly Kids."  Ahhhh now isn't that tender?  I'll try and get a picture of it posted next week but in the meantime, check out Brad's work.  He rocks! (He's one of our friends on facebook too!)  

So anyway, jump on here and give us some ideas for names . . .obviously, Doug came up with "The Wall" which I thought was extremely clever.  uh huh . . . Sorry honey, just couldn't hold back!

And may I take this opportunity to wish my sweetie a Happy 46th Birthday!  Yes, he and I are sharing May 9th this year as his birthday falls on MY Mother's Day!  Gosh, can't we find another day for you to celebrate your birthday???  hahaha  Just kiddin!  We will do a few of Doug's favorite things, golf and barbeque a ribeye steak and a few of my favorite things--play cards and watch basketball!!  See, how fun will that be!!

Hoping you all have a wonderful week!!  Sorry this is late - wet paint right around the corner for next week!!  I may give him his birthday OFF!!  Ahhh, I am soooo sweet!!  

Another week from my perspective . . .