Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Davida Schulman has awarded me a Kreativ Blogger Award. The rules for accepting this award are the following:

Enter your "acceptance" on your own blog. List seven things about yourself and then list seven other art bloggers that you admire. You'll be tempted to list bloggers who are not artists or artists who are not bloggers but stick to artists who blog!

About myself:

1. I live in Sunset, Utah in the same house that I grew up in
2. I have painted since I was 10 years old - my first painting had a $2 price tag on it!
3. I have a great studio that is two doors down from my home, making for a great commute every morning
4. I have been married to my best friend, Jeanette, for 23 years and we have three amazing kids, Ryan 21, Amy 20 and Wesley 16
5. My painting buddy is Jade, our Jack Russell Terrier
6. I have the greatest family and friends (they're all family) in the world!
7. I once golfed 27 out of 31 days in a month during a painting class in Helper, Utah

Seven Artists who blog that I greatly admire:

1. Karin Jurick
2. Jennifer McChristian
3. Josh Been
4. Eldon Warren
5. Lane Bennion
6. Zach Procter
7. Wendy Chidester


  1. Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the accolade! Much appreciate :)

  2. Hey Doug. That Boulder in the creek is a super painting. I clicked on it to enlarge and really waas taken with it.
    Greeeat job.