Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Wet Paint" & Workshops!

As promised, here is another blog--but the topic of my new-found fame at NUAMES is not quite as exciting as the fact that Doug provided as promised, a new little painting to post! I was thrilled!  So we’re going to call this our weekly "wet paint" and these will be available for purchase exclusively to our blog readers so if it catches your eye, act fast!  You know how to reach me!  It is set inside the black “float” and a maple frame and could be shipped anywhere in the country within the week!

oil on board
6 x 8

Seriously, watching Doug paint is so cool.  Sometimes, when I sit down in my easy chair (yes, the one with quite a bit of green paint on it now) he doesn’t understand why it’s so fascinating to watch him paint! On the most part, Doug’s somewhat of a “hermit” painter.  Not a big show-boy! But those who have had the opportunity to watch him paint will absolutely agree with me--it’s an amazing process to watch! 

I think that is why he has been such a successful teacher.  He has an amazing talent for teaching.  As mentioned by one of his students, Dallin Phillips, who was an educator at Utah State University for many years himself, “Taking Doug’s class was an incredible experience. I was really nervous going into it but enjoyed it so much.  Doug is an incredible teacher—many who “do” can’t teach, but he is the exception.”

Doug’s mentioned that teaching is a great learning experience for him as well. “It’s a humbling experience for me, that people are willing to pay money to have me teach them to paint!”  I think that is one of Doug’s most endearing traits. He always welcomes feedback from the students and tries to incorporate those changes to make the classes better. 

I’m giving you this from my perspective, of course, cuz that’s what this blog is about, so from feedback I’ve gotten from his students, and from those workshops that I’ve been able to “hang out” and get to know the students, I’ll hit their favorite parts! 

He starts a workshop with an introduction that talks about the pallet, the set up, the preparation of the boards, talking about values, mixing paint and the integration of color upon color--having all the tools to get started is so important to having a good experience in painting. seriously, you should see this "custom made" easel - it has a slot for his q-tips container and the paper towel roll for heaven's sake!  I have seriously debated whether to take the class myself—there have been a few beginner-beginners like myself so I think one of these days I will.  But first I'm going to have to figure out what "integration of color upon color" means . . . Pretty sure I’m going to test this man’s patience and teaching abilities!!     

Another fun part of the workshop is when Doug does a demo and the students get to see the painting from start to finish. Sue Valentine is a well-known Utah artist and this was one of her favorite parts. 

“Your demo’s were worth a thousand words!  The limited pallet, color mixing and value lessons helped me learn not only how to paint, but how to see! I felt I learned more in five days than I have learned in a whole semester at school.  You simplified what seemed so complicated to me.  Honestly, your workshop was one of the best I have taken.”  

Many of Doug’s students came to take the class because they wanted a jump-start in painting.  They’ve wanted to paint more seriously for years, but have never found the time to “take time” for themselves!  Michelle Burnett received this workshop as a Mother’s Day gift from her family!  What a treat for her to come and spend a week just painting!  Tracy Grant was another who has made great strides in the painting world! Both Michelle and Tracy received awards in a painting competition at Gallery 25 in Ogden!  Way to go, ladies!!   

“Taking Doug’s workshop was one of the best things I have done for myself in a very long time!  I feel like I learned a lot and your clear presentation and explanations made it even better.  I must say that even though the weather was not what I would have wished for, it made me see that you can still go outside and paint!” 

I always loved the “adapting” to the weather challenges as well.  I recall one afternoon when the weather was anything but cooperative, Doug had students set up everywhere between the studio and our home!  Blake Luther was painting under the patio and Emily Sanders was out in the game room, painting a still life of a piece of our daughter's birthday cake!  

Coming to see Doug’s studio wasn’t something he used to do—only when the weather prevented them from painting outside did they come to the studio. He didn’t take my word for it that it was something people would really love to see!  “Who wants to come and see my studio?” he’d say!  Well, I guess a lot of students would because it is the highlight of the workshop for many!!  Thanks to Ed Adair, for finally putting the issue to rest!  Doug really valued your priceless feedback, Ed!  

“On the matter of meeting at your studio...I think that that experience was a highlight of the workshop, to see how a professional worked in an environment. . . the efficiencies, the insights to the professional art market.  The still life was just a great and wonderful experience.  Do not underestimate the benefits of this part of your workshop!  Doug, you are a very good teacher...you conveyed much of the intuitiveness and, I think, the emotional-spiritual aspect of the total painting process.  And, I must say, that your wife did a great job in making our day at your studio an enjoyable event...her lunch was a real nice touch, and, of course, one that was not expected.  

I truly appreciated the week and in becoming acquainted with you.” 

Ah Ed, thanks for those kind words!  I enjoyed the chance to “chill” with the students and get to know everyone better as well!

"What a fantastic experience!  I loved the class - learned tons - and I'm excited to do more.  I came away feeling that I had great new information to move forward with.  I'm ready to start counting my 10,000 hours utilizing my new skills.  It was really great to know you all.  I hope to see you again. Thanks to Jeanette for taking care of us.  Best to all, Bunny Kauffman"

 We have met some wonderful people throughout the years who have become very dear friends. We have appreciated many of you who have stayed in touch and stop by the studio now and again to say hi and share your progress in the painting world! Thanks to Carol Gnade for these great pictures! It made writing this blog very easy and she and Jade became great friends during the “studio” visit.  She also took the picture of Jade in front of the “color wheel” on the last blog! 

Doug is doing at least 3 workshops this year!  The three we are certain about are May 19-21 in Midway for the Midway Art Association (Cost is $250). What a beautiful place to paint in May!  This is reserved FIRST for their members, but will have a waiting list and will fill the class up from that list after the first of May!  

The other two workshops are going to be through Helper Workshops in Helper, Utah, and I could write a whole blog about that fun place – I can’t say enough about what a great experience that is!! (Cost for those are $420)  The summer workshop is from June 14-19 and the fall workshop will be from September 27 – October 2nd.  There may be another workshop in Austin, Texas in the late fall!  

Below is a link to a registration form that you can fill out and simply submit.  You’ll then receive an email back with all the information regarding that particular workshop, cost, accommodations and materials needed!  In case you’re wondering, of course, I’m hoping to be to all the workshops to provide comedy, fun and most likely, treats!

All my best till next week and another weekly "wet paint" fresh off the easel!  Can't wait!!  xoxo


  1. This looks like a fun course! I'm sure Doug is an excellent teacher! Thanks for sharing the information regarding the classes. It's something to definitely consider.

  2. Hi all of you --
    Good read, Nettie and a beautiful painting, Doug. I think you should sign up for his class, Nettie. Although, I remember when I signed up for Ev's golf class - he being the teacher!!! Not a purty sight!!! I thought he was extremely hard on me!!! Loves -- Nicki

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog!
    The " feeding" painting blew me away, fantastic study in light and colour . I loved the way the background is knocked out of focus and left ambiguous, very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. As someone who has taking several of Doug's workshops, I can truly agree with you Jeanette. He is an excellent teacher and a wonderful person all around. He is so friendly and fun to be with and he makes you feel ocmfortable when you are taking his class. I have taken probably 5 or 6 and I learn more every time. I will probably take more cuz I can't get enough.

    I loved seeing his studio and painting in your back yard a couple of years ago - that was a blast. I am so envious of his studio. I would even be happy with a space like his "old studio".

    Watching Doug paint is truly amazing - I could do it all day - sometimes during a workshop I want to watch him instead of painting but he never lets me LOL.

    I am glad you do this blog - it is great to hear your perspective and if you do take one of Doug's workshops, I definitely want to be in on that one......

  5. oops, I guess I should have mentioned that I love the painting too... Always do love Doug's paintings. One of these days, I will be able to buy one I hope.

  6. Hi Jeanette and Doug,

    Awww...thanks for me mentioning me, I'm *blushing*. Yes, the workshop was the BEST I've taken and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

    Also, I love the brushstrokes in "Feeding". It has such a nice, calming feeling to it.

    Your work is very good !

    Celso Mathias
    Rio de Janeiro - Brasil