Monday, April 26, 2010

Forgiveness . . . Wet Paint Rocks!!

Okay - I'm not gonna lie . . . I was a little miffed that my "wet paint" didn't arrive on my email doorstep last Sunday, but when you see the wet paint that's come off the easel, you'll see why my heart melted and I not only offered forgiveness, I groveled at his feet!!  Is it just me, or is this guy a rock star??  hahaha yeah - well alrighty then!!

So this first painting that was being worked on last week is a larger version of the ever-popular "This and That" that debuted at Doug's show at Terzian Gallery in February.  It was the one that was used on the invitation and so Doug used that painting as a study to do a bigger version!!  This one is 32 x 30 and, I'm certain, is going to have a very short stay at Terzian Gallery before it finds a permanent home!  It is spectacular.  I love the fall colors and the soft mountains in the back.

"Some of This Some of That"
32 x 30
Available at Terzian Gallery

This next wet painting was just finished literally a few minutes ago.  In the midst of watching NBA playoff games, I've been walking to the studio and impatiently tapping my ruler on the palm of my hand waiting for this painting to get done.  It was fun to watch the progress and I'm sorry I didn't take pictures to let you see the process, but initially, I thought "what the heck are you painting here?"

It's so interesting to have the kind of mind that Doug has--a mind that visualizes this painting finished and wet with paint.  Seriously, I would have NEVER EVER imagined that this would be a painting that would take my breath away.  When we were in Salt Lake a few weeks ago, Doug went around and was taking picture references around town.  As we got to a big building, he said "I wonder if I can get to the top of that building?"  I'm like, "huh???"  So we proceed to circle this building and find a parking terrace.  In we go, up we climb.  The parking spaces become more and more plentiful as we continue heading upward.  Doug is always looking out the window, slowing down, backing up, moving forward again.  I'll offer to drive, but no thanks, hon.  So he stops.  Backs up.  Get out and pulls the camera out. I'm not seein' the amazing visual and besides, it's drizzly and cold so of course, I don't get out!  I'm trying to tap into some wi-fi in the parking terrace.  No luck.  He comes back and off we go.  Well, voila!  Here is what came from that little parking lot "venture."

"Rain Snow Mix"

Is this crazy good or what?  This was painted for a show at the Salt Lake Art's Center and will be part of a "silent auction" fund raiser for the "Not Just Another Pretty Face" Gala on June 5th, 2010.  Contact Raven at 801-328-4201 ext. 112 at the Salt Lake Art Center if you are interested in putting in a bid!   

The workshop season is almost underway with the first workshop in Midway starting on May 19th.  This workshop is full but we still have room in the Torrey 3-day workshop!  Cathy Bagley has done a great job or coordinating this workshop and will include two evening meals with tuition.  Also, she has arranged for a great rate at rooms at the Rim Rock Inn for around $50/night!  Doug's painted that area so much and he will soooo be in his element amidst the red rocks!!  I'm hoping to get to "tag along" if I've not been made the President & CEO by then!  haha  Helper is also gearing up for some great workshops this summer - these are five-day workshops (which is really more like a painting vacation . . . I mean, how hard is it to slap a little bit of paint on a canvas??  hahaha  Oh I'm going to PAY for that one!  Doug loves it when I say "you should paint that!"  He says "Yeah, YOU should paint that hon!!"  We've also added one more workshop in Ogden for the Ogden Nature Center which will be a 3-day workshop as well--July 15-17.  Go to our website and click on the workshop link to sign up!  (Have you been to check out our website yet? Oh yeah, probably so . . well, I'm still thinking it is amazing, which would make ME amazing, I guess . . . that's the rumor I'm spreading anyway!)  

Many of you, bless your hearts, have asked about the new job, so here is the ten-cent update!  The company is Sunbridge Healthcare.  Sunbridge is part of a larger corporation, Sun Health Care and we (I use that term now because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a big wig real soon!) yes, WE own over 200 health and rehab centers across the US.  It's a great corporation and some great people to work with.  I mean, I'm going to be old and broken down someday, so just as well start working on providing the best place for me to stay, right?  I work in the Western Division Office and WE do what we can to provide the best services at the 60 western locations that are part of our Division.  So there ya have it - that was more like the 25-cent update!  BONUS!!  hahaha

Well, gotta fly.  Busy busy ya know!  Did I mention that my Utah Jazz are up 3 games to 1 against Denver in the playoffs?  MWAHAHAHA (evil laugh there - Denver fans, I am sooooo sorry . . .  really . .  I am)  I really really really love this game and I'm really really nervous about sending the Jazz back to your arena to win just ONE MORE GAME!   

Hoping you are having a fabulous day!!  Doug has promised more wet paint on Sunday . . . we shall see!  Golf and garden season is approaching . . . hard to keep a paint brush in his hand . . . he'd rather have a rake or a golf club!!

My best to you all . . . and if I haven't said thanks for reading and following our blog, well, thanks soooo much for reading and following our blog!!

love love love ya!



  1. Great post, Nettie! As far as the Jazz vs. Nuggets..... um I totally LIVE in Denver and I'm STILL cheering for the Jazz!!!! It's been a fun series so far.... but I'm with you.... the Nuggets tend to play pretty good when they are at home! But go Jazz!! =)

  2. Great work Doug. Great post Jeanette. I love this stuff!
    Elder XL

  3. Hi:
    It is amazing to me the final touches that Doug puts to his paintings that give them perspective and make them come a live really the touch of a master, always a thrill to see them in person.

  4. Love that painting. Good job!! and yes ... GO JAZZ!!! Just remember the games here in Boston start 2 hours later than they do in Utah!! That puts us to bed at 1:30 AM. Hard to get moving the next day. But so far - they have been worth staying up!!