Friday, June 11, 2010

Spring has sprung . . . and awful t-shirts!!

Yea!  Spring has sprung!  It went from 30 to 85 degrees in zero to sixty seconds!  okay I'm exaggerating just a little!  But seriously, I had about decided that Mother Nature was suffering from a bad case of "old timers" disease and didn't know which season it was.  The garden is in and Doug is kicking out some serious wet paint, while fighting the urge to pull weeds out of the garden, plant flowers and try for 3 "even par" games in a row!  which he ALMOST did  . . damn bogey on that last hole!!  

First painting here is, of course, not titled, so we're going to call it "Untitled Something or Other" for now!  Yes, we'll take suggestions!  Untitled or not, this painting rocks!  rocks . . . hahah sometimes I just really crack myself up!  yeah, well anyway . . .  I went over to the studio the other day--it had been a few days--and, WHOA, these three paintings were all lined up so I said "I'll take all three this week!!"  I think the first two are Southern Utah and the last one, up in the valley.   

"Untitled Something or Other"
8 x 10

He's getting very excited to get back down south to paint this country again.  If you've been debating whether to take a workshop, seriously, jump on the Torrey band wagon and come on down!  There are a couple of spots left!  It's a short 3-day workshop with the weekend and Cathy has arranged for rooms for $50/night and she's kicking in dinner for 2 of the 3 nights!!  And I'm coming down on Friday to bring fun!!  Helper Workshop starts Monday!!   

Okay - onto more wet paint . . Pine Creek Pass is the next painting - again, just wanna drop my feet in the creek bed.  Love the colors and the way the light plays on the rocks.  This is a small study done for a larger painting that will be up and coming for his Boulder Show in September and it's already been started.  It's going to be an amazing painting.  It's going to be a 30x40.  mmm mmm mmm!!  

"Pine Creek Pass"
10 x 8

The last one was done with the famous group of northern utah plein air painters!  They go out on Wednesdays and Doug loves being part of this group!  This is Pineview Reservoir up in the valley, another one of Doug's favorite places to paint.  

"Pineview Study"
8 x 10

Okay one last thought - I've been doing some spring cleaning and I've cleaned out our closet.  I need your help here - but Doug has umpteen "painting" t-shirts that to me, have crossed the line of being able to be called an article of clothing.  period.  (umpteen, by the way, is a number that is equivalent to "too many" just so you know).   I mean, these are shirts that have so much paint on them, they don't BEND!!  And they are so worn, they have holes under the arms, the ribbing around the neck is worn out and you have ragged edges.  I would be fine if he just painted in them, but he goes out into public!  My Grandma would have said "lard, sonny, you look like a rag muffin!  I try to toss them into the rag drawer, but he pulls them out and says "Hon, this is my favorite painting shirt!"  Are you with me here???  

Soooooo, here's where I need your help here . . . IF you see Doug sometime and his shirt appears to be on it's last leg, first, look down at the shirt, give an "eeewwww, that shirt is gross" kind've look, then please drop me a note and give me a brief description and I will, in a most gentle and kind way, RIP that sucker to shreds and make it unrecognizable!!  that will be great fun as well . . .

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!  (and an awful shirt off of Dougs!)   

Make it a great week!  

Will be doing a "painting process" blog in a couple of weeks - I'm going to Torrey to tag along and ask questions and take pictures!  Oh, this is going to be soooo much fun!!  Doug is going to LOVE having me along!!  mwahahahaha . . . yes, that is an evil laugh!

 Till then!!  



  1. Why not have him paint a cartoon or something on the shirt and then sell it???
    just a thought.
    Hope you come to see us if you get to Escalante.

  2. The painting of Pineview was awesome. I totally recognized the place, it brought back tons of memories growing up in N. Ogden. I love the valley. It's gorgeous. Thanks for that one. Really awesome.

  3. The first impression that comes out to me is call the first picture.."Stacked".
    everything in it's place. All the pictures are great. Another possibility is a little extra clorox in the the washer with the 'eeww'shirts, amazing what a little clorox does to an old can also do your laugh while adding it. Have fun!

  4. I love the paintings and I could actually hear Aunt Nora saying that.

  5. Jeanette, leave the man's t-shirts alone. They are just getting comfortable and you want to throw them away. You probably think his hats are getting a bit much but they are just starting to fit. A shirt and a hat that fits is all that one really needs. Well maybe pants and sandals. Besides one would look at him and think, there is a great artist full of talent and confidence.

    BTW, love the paintings. It is amazing to me.

  6. I fully support Doug in his quest to keep his paint shirts, in fact I am going to continue wearing my paint shirts in public to show my support.

    P.S I am going to try and make it down to the Midway paint-out, hope to see you then.

  7. cant wait for the painting process blog that sounds wonderful - thanks for doing that - it is very generous

  8. So pleased to have discovered your blog! I love the expressive but orderly square brushstrokes in your work. Very unique and quite captivating. Looking forward to the procress post and to following your progress in general.

  9. I am going to take it a step further and get my long neglected paints out and make a t-shirt look like a paint shirt.

  10. hahaha I love all of these comments! I have truly taken a lot of flack over this! Protesters now wearing their painting shirts out in public to show support for Doug and his t-shirt "collection!" Thanks Aaron! I laughed so hard! -- Jeanette

  11. Boy, I just love Doug's work. I see these and realize how much I have to learn. I best get painting.
    (And Jeanette, you're a hoot. Thanks for making me smile!)

  12. these are beautiful landscapes - and I like the commentary too. look forward to the "process" blogpost.

  13. "Face to the Sun". That's my suggestion for a name.
    Love this particular blog! Funny!! Maybe take a picture of all his "Paint shirts" and that way he'll have a keepsake of them all. Maybe frame the worst one and hang it in the shop!

    Can't wait to see the 30X40 of "Pine Creek Pass"! Beautiful work Doug! :)

  14. I'm sure there is a market for those shirts. Framed? Somehow works of art to be sold or auctioned off? lol
    Great paintings. I've heard great comments from his workshop in Helper. Got to think about that for myself one day.

  15. Great paintings Doug! Thanks for sharing them!

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