Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Are you up for it?  6:00 a.m. Thursday, August 8 - Doug is going to be at the Taco Time parking lot in Clearfield and anyone is invited to come watch the demo from start to finish!  Watch from over his shoulder, take some pictures or set up your paints and paint with him!  Good time!  This is kind've a test to see who is up for joining him so early - you true blue plein air painters!!

If you love his city scapes of our old stomping ground of the Clearfield, Sunset, Roy area, come join him!  I'm going to post a few of my faves of the area.  He's been stopped a few times and asked "what the heck are you doing in our parking lot?"

Ogden Overpass
Torrey Main Street
Van in Sunset
Intersection - Roy??
Roy / Riverdale Road

You get the idea!  Amazing structures and who'da thunk to paint these?  This is a test . . .

See you there??


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