Friday, August 9, 2013

Wet Paint and Orange Barrels at Taco Time!!

So O-Dark-Thirty rolls around and yeah, it's still dark!  Doug, what are you thinking?  I think he's thinking no one would get up and notice!  But hey, it's early but baby, it's Taco Time!!

Doug, of course, was there at 6:00 and a wonderful friend and fan of ours was there to watch before her 7:00 meeting!!  What a loyal follower!  Bambi Gibson has been a dear friend of ours for many years and has touched our hearts with her heartfelt sentiments about Doug's work.  I will never forget her tell me of her reaction to "Boulders on Boulder Mountain" when she walked into the show at Park City and saw this breathtaking painting clear in the back of the gallery.  She got choked up and told how emotional it was to see that painting even from 25 feet away.  It's so neat that she feels such a connection with Doug's work and is kind enough to share it with us.  So, watching him paint has always been something she's wanted to do so she was thrilled at the opportunity to come watch and ask questions!!
Bambi asking some questions about the set up, paints, and all that good stuff.
William Brison, commented on this picture on facebook and I laughed till I cried!
"Yes ma'am, this kit will make you a world-renowned painter in just three days.  And if
you buy it now, I'll throw in this truck!  Don't mind the paint splatters on the dash or the steering wheel!"
Bahaha!  thanks for that commentary!  And I thought I was the funny one here!  sheesh!!
Waiting for some sun (since it's barely past o-dark thirty) was not really a challenge for this old-time veteran!  He kinda starts 'em all the same anyway!  

oooo . . and I'm loving the . . uh . . .  shadows?  lighting?  hmmm . . . yeah.  Good start, hun!!  
I'm looking at the corner thinking, what's he going to paint?  It was dark enough when we got here that the stores all still had their lights on but right at 7:30, Auto Zone turned their light off (ahhh) and the street lights go off too!  

Angie Ellsworth is another one of our very "artsy" friends with very VERY "artsy" children!  What a grand experience for her to bring her two oldest kids to watch Doug paint!  

The "Audience" all set up - oooo front row seats!  What?  No popcorn?  Lame! 
Closer up . . . super cool!
This was cool watching the "drawing" happen by taking off paint with the paper towel and q-tips!  He has very expensive drawing tools!  
Colors coming together and the sun is starting to peek through the clouds.  Maybe the drab sky will end up having some color, who knows!  

And it's coming along nicely! 
Always love the orange barrels.  Those remind me of, years ago, our little family performing a musical number for a family reunion.  Yes, we heard a song on the Bob and Tom show.  I say "we" but I didn't really listen to Bob and Tom.  I listened to Sports Radio (I'll elaborate on my sports addiction in another blog on another day!)  Doug and the kids listened to Bob and Tom and decided this "Orange Barrels" song would be perfect to learn (since they already knew it!)  Hmmm okay.  I'm sure we had to edit the words and please don't google it, because I'm certain I'll be super embarrassed!  But at least the words I remember were pretty funny!  Gaby, I know you're googling it right now, damn it!  I'm already embarrassed and you're going to be laughing your head off!!  

Painting finished and what's it called?  Taco Time!!  Ahhh, and I'm so sad that this Taco Time is no longer opened.  Just an empty parking lot screaming for artists to come and paint it's beautiful surroundings and orange barrels!

"Taco Time"
8 x 10
For Sale!
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