Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bugs in Wet Paint!

So I'm sitting here in the sun on a little deck at our "home" for the next 3 days in St. George, Utah.  It's 65 degrees, with 10-15 mph winds but the sun is beating down on my bare legs (bare also means lack of sun for an entire winter!) and they're soaking it up!  I'm not gonna lie, this is incredibly relaxing!  Let's keep that just 'tween us, if you will!  

Jane Meyers getting the artists situated!
Doug is now showing work at Authentique Gallery here in St. George and so was invited to participate in the Eighth Annual New Visions Art Show at both Authentique and Mission Galleries.  The artists have set up outside around the two galleries with a few of their paintings and have been painting for the mere pleasure and perusing enjoyment of their collectors and art lovers!  

With the gusts of wind, we have seen a few minor "oopsies" and then some major "Oh Sh#!$" paintings falling over, one canvas getting a sharp puncture through its heart!   

Doug working a Southern Utah landscape
So here's where Doug is working this afternoon--similar to my set-up, right?  Sun beating down on your neck same here - I probably should just put on my swimsuit . . . a bit breezy knocking over paintings and knocking over my cold can of fresca . . . gosh . . . Its brutal working out in this Southern Utah sun!  Trust me hun, I feel your pain!  I'm trying to show some empathy here . . . not sure it's going to come across that way tho!    

We set up a few paintings outside.  Here's our little display, with the rest of the paintings hung inside.

Authentique has this great little courtyard
Many of our favorite artists are here this weekend!  Shanna Kunz, George Handrahan, Jeff Pugh, Brad Holt and Rett Ashby to name a few!  Meeting many more and looking forward to showing work next to theirs here in St. George!

Here's the final touches and final painting, complete with the little last-minute photo reference down below . . .  

See how the painting is floating.  Starting to paint the recessed edges . . .
And last side - this is the color of his "under-painting". . .

And a last few strokes that make it pop!

Pop it in a frame of your choice and nice choice it is and VOILA!
Enlarge it and notice the "eagle" in the sky on the far right!  Dat be a bug!  He ain't goin' anywhere anytime soon, I don't s'pose!  

Tomorrow Doug will be out painting "true" plein air!  He's hoping to get in a cool street scene of downtown St. George!  Stay tuned!

working in the sun is exhausting . . . I think I'll call Doug and see if he'd mind coming and "refreshing my beverage . . . "



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