Friday, April 3, 2015

Painting Outside the School Grounds!

Sunny St. George delivered a beautiful day today!  Started out a bit nippy (in the 40's) but progressed into a perfect day!

Doug rebelled by painting "outside the school grounds" but I promised Jane that he would deliver a killer painting and that it would be worth it!

Here's where he started.

Bandana and all!  Set up off the beaten path.  Such a rebel!
  I, of course, was back up near the gallery "working" and manning the "Braithwaite" corner where Doug was SUPPOSED to be painting.  Every 15 or 20 minutes, I would leave my post, dash out the school-yard gate and snap a quick picture of the Braithwaite progress.  It had to be a masterpiece or we would both be in trouble!

20 minutes into the painting.  Looking good.  
People back at the gallery are asking "did Doug decide not to paint today??"  I assured them he was working in his element and directed them his way.  With his headphones in, he was in the groove and most anyone who stopped to talk to him would startle him if they touched his shoulder!

45 minutes into it.  Value study done - now adding color and more detail. 
About an hour into the painting.  Loving the red car!  How much detail will he put in?
About 1 1/2 hours into the painting.  
I watched as he took the telephone pole from a black line to an authentic-looking telephone pole.  He did one straight line down the pole with brown paint and then went over it again with a skinny orange line!  I really wouldn't have thought to do that!  hahaha

Last phase, the foreground.  How much detail - and of course, my question is always "will he put in a few "dots" for the red flowers?  

Finished!  Absolutely beautiful!  
Yup!  He did!  What a great little painting.  Congratulations to the highest bidder in the silent auction!  You got a gem!

And Doug was not grounded for leaving the premises and I delivered on my promise:  it WAS a killer painting!  Looking forward to Doug doing more fun cityscapes of St. George!

Great couple of days for our first time participating in the New Visions Art Show.  We will be more prepared next year for sure!  Thrilled to be a part of the great group of artists down here and so excited to have met some new artist friends as well!  Thanks to friends and family who came to see us and for sending YOUR friends to see us too!!

Let the vacation begin!  hoping I get to use my golf clubs that I INSISTED we bring!  



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