Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 2 - Color Study and a Breathtaking Drive

Day 2 started after a good nights sleep, compliments of Helper's cool nights.  Ahhh, crickets chirping, trains chugging slowly by, and an occasional creek creek of someone sneaking into the kitchen for a midnight snack! 

Doug set up a still life downstairs and picked out the nicest tomato and pear from our garden of goodies we had picked just 24 hours before.  

After understanding the concept of "values," the next step is color.  Learning to color match is a crucial piece of the puzzle.  

End result:  An amazing painting that I'm pretty sure is going to be my anniversary present for my kitchen!  I'm definitely feelin the love!!
After the demo, we were able to take a quick jaunt down the street to the studio of Ben Steele.  What a phenomenal artist he is and what a great experience to see how professional artists organize their studios and plan their day.  Thanks much, Ben!!  The students were WOWED just as I knew they would!  

After the tour, we were packed and ready to head out of town.  Maps in hand, everyone went at their own pace, stopping to take in the beauty of the changing colors and snap a few photos (Blair and Jack, maybe a few HUNDRED!)  The drive had patches of the most brilliant yellow trees I think I have ever seen!  Absolutely gorgeous!   

Arriving in Torrey, we stopped at the Torrey Gallery to see a few Doug Braithwaite originals hanging under bright lights, along with some Paul and Silvia Davis beauties!  We then headed on through town toward Capital Reef.  The vista, as you come around the corner, is spectacular.  We checked into the Rim Rock Inn which, in any direction, has a view that is to die for.  We were wowed by Torrey's #1 rated Rim Rock Restaurant savoring some delicious trout, pork chops, steak and of course apple pie and cheesecake.  Blair bailed on us for dinner to do some fishing and exploring.  Yeah, we were pretty hurt over the whole thing, but as he later confessed, we had arrived at his favorite fishing spot in the whole world and it's hard to compete with that!  We'll get over it.  hahaha  Although Blair bailed on us, our group was joined by a favorite artist and friend of ours, Greg Stocks, who came to join the rest of the tour!  Good times!

Talk soon . . .

J'net - yes indeed, still Director of Fun!  Ask anyone!  

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