Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 6 - Frosty Shop Skills and Ice Cream Swirls

The crew got up and headed out to paint after a little "sumthin" to eat on the front porch of our room at Circle D.   As my kids used to say "can we have something to tidy us over till lunch?"  The class scattered and ventured out and about through town and Doug drove up and down the 8 or 9 streets till he found each one!  There were some rock solid paintings.  

Shannon's great little piece of a classic little barn in town.  Beautiful, Shannon!!
Kitty Brumberg down near the Roundy hill which we used to use as a sledding hill.  It didn't seem nearly as steap as it did when I was zooming down on an intertube or truly trying to guide one of the old sleds with my feet.  I generally ended up in a ditch to the side of the road!  And it was SUCH a long way to haul your sled back up.
Kitty's painting - beautiful!
The Everett Ruess Art Festival was in full swing as we got to stop by and look at the fabulous art on display.  The plein air painters had been there all week, painting the area and had just displayed their work in the Escalante Community Center.  Booths set up in the street and great works of art inside and out.  

It was great to go in and peruse the paintings and VIST just as I'd hoped!  Lots of familiar faces to greet and catch up with!  Also some outstanding paintings.  Brad Holt was the featured artist and had some outstanding pieces on display and for sale.  Click on his name to see some more of his work.  

Doug painted a great little piece as well just one block north of where he painted yesterday.   A fellow classmate of mine came out and talked with him and for the life of him, he cannot remember her name.  If you're reading this, please let me know who you are!  He's an amazing painter, but his memory sucks!  It's killing me to know who it was!!  Speak up, please!!  Kathy?  Karen?  Well, the painting is amazing!

We ate lunch at the Escalante Outfitters "Esca-Latte Internet Cafe and Pizza Parlor" in the middle of town.  Fabulous pizza and salads!  We were sad to see Blair Jenkins go, as he needed to get back up north for some family commitments.   After again, filling up on delicious food to the point of pain, we headed out and had to say good-bye to Escalante, a moment I avoided and always put off as long as I could.  I cried every time I left home - it was terrible!  I just loved home a LOT!!  

We were welcomed into Bryce Canyon by the amazing Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel and were delighted to crash on a wonderful bed in a room loaded with all the extras or just relax in the lobby near a beautiful rock fireplace with a crackling fire.  When we decided we could fit a little more foodage into our already stuffed tummies, we headed across the street to the always-wonderful Ruby's Inn Restaurant where hundreds of other people were thinking the same thing.  We took our "buzzing number" and meandered through the gift shop where Jack seriously spoiled our darling Shannon (as well he should) and I'm sure, Doug will be shopping for something wonderful for his most amazing #1 Queen of Fun!  

Buzz Buzz Buzz "your table is ready"  We rounded up the troops for a great dinner and we stuffed ourselves as much as possible!  We even made room for the dessert bar at the buffet, and I couldn't have been more thrilled as I was able to show my "frosty shop" skills by making a beautiful ice cream sundae with the perfect swirl at the top!  Ta Da!!  Well I'll be darned, she IS the Frosty Shop Queen!!

Toldja . . .




  1. Oh that looks so fun. I hope to take another class Doug again sometime. What fun and if nothing else I gained a deeper appreciation of art.

  2. Food. Fun. AND Paint?!! Such a great adventure. :)