Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wet Paint, Windshields, Stalking and Sunflowers

Helper Town and all it's inhabitants, welcomed me with open arms (or shall we say big “right turn” signs) blasting through my windshield.  Dave Dornan came to my rescue and everyone was so gracious in making sure my stay was fabulous!  Car got repaired and the festival was a blast!  I like to make a big entrance when I come to town, I guess.  Shooting a quick pic to Doug in Estes Park with a quick caption “I’m fine – off to the festival!”   I was incredibly lucky with absolutely no injuries.  Thank you, Helper friends, for making my stay fun, even with the bad start!  Yeah, nuf said!  

Let’s talk about "Jnet's very cool iPhone."  The iPhone has a very cool app (that's iPhoner talk for “application”) called “Find My Friends” that allows people (parents, family, friends) to know where you are and literally track you using the GPS on your phone!  A great way I like to use it is for example when Doug says he’s in the studio painting but in actuality, he's cough cough “collecting references” at the golf course.    FORE!!!!  I know, creepy huh! It’s my form of legalized stalking!   

So I'm getting off the airplane in Denver and I see by the little blinking purple dot on “Find my Friends” that Doug is patiently circling the airport waiting to pick me up. I ask directions to the "front" of the airport and am informed to just take the train to baggage claim!  Easy enough. Off I go and out on the curb I wait. The purple dot says he’s not far. I call him. "I'm at W-11. The sign says. United."  "Okay. I'll come around again."  We stay on the phone as I watch the purple dot go further away.  Oops ... He's on the East pick up.   Airports are so frustrating to drive in.  Everyone is in a hurry and truly no room for error as before you know it, you're in short term parking!  Oops.  I see the purple dot. He's within 200 yards I figure by my brilliant and keen mathematical calculations. "Stay put," I say. "I'll come find you!"  He's on the 2nd level of parking. I cross the 6 lanes of "picker-upper traffic" and walk down two levels. He's in F. I'm in K. "honk your horn, horn!" One loud echoing horn and the purple dot and blue dot on "Find my friends" are "running" toward each like long lost friends!  Successful stalking!  

We had a fabulous time in Estes Park. The quick draw Saturday morning was perfect weather and Doug knocked one out of the ballpark!  It was such a riot watching people WATCH Doug paint!  Seeing it start like this: 

Quick value study . . .
They're thinking "what the hell is this guy painting? Hahaha   Then it moves to this:

They leave.  Then return to this:

Hmmm, this ain't so bad.  I guess this guy is okay.  

Hey, nice.  30 minutes left.  

Taking shape.  15 minutes left.

The whistle blows and 90 minutes is done and time is up!  Brushes DOWN!  "Damn, this guy is good!"  

They get 10 minutes to frame it up and turn it in to be judged and then perused by anxious buyers.  There were 35 painters. Doug took 2nd place and created quite the bidding war during the live auction!   Fun stuff!  Thanks to Linne and Lyn Haddock for being tenacious bidders!  "Sunflowers" found a happy home!  We were thrilled! 

We are now in Helper Town and starting our Southern Utah tour la plein air!  We had a great day!!  I'll tell you about it tomorrow!  I will blog daily to keep you posted on the fun!!



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