Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 4 - Trees of Fire and Comfortable Tipi's!

We caravanned over Boulder Mountain with a couple of stops to see the brilliant gold, green and red quakies.

Doug laughed at me because I was holding my camera out the window and taking pictures.  This one was taken over the top of the car!  hahaha Doug - I was totally focused!

A beauty shot of my antenna!  But hey, who even notices it!  These colors rock!!  

The fabulous three here at one of several rest stops to take it all in.  Jeanette, Shannon Grosko and Kitty Brumberg.  I'm really not that tall, but these two dolls are tiny little things!  

The trees were on fire and we had a hard time settling on a place to stop as there were way too many "perfect spots!"  Having this group in the middle of nowhere gave ma captive audience and I was able to do my fabulous impersonations of my Grandma Griffin's "Laaaaaaard Ray!"
During the demo is our time to catch up on the night before and the important happenings from each other and the families back home.  Scott and his lovely wife celebrated their 20th Anniversary with Scott getting a text at 4:30 am being the FIRST to acknowledge the big event!  Congratulations!!
Shannon Grosko, from Georgia, enjoyed her second workshop from Doug and brought her husband, Jack, along.  What an absolutely beautiful and upbeat person to be around.  She and I may go on tour as comic relief for painting workshops.  "What did the zero say to the eight?  Nice belt!"  Think about it for a second . . . this may help 0 to the 8 . . .  ahhh I knew you'd get it!  Good one Shannon!  Yeah, we're all pretty funny.  I haven't laughed this much for a long time!  And I laugh A LOT!!  

The value study of many colors . . .

And MORE colors . . hmmm looking a bit "Doug Snow-esque!"

Ahhh they're coming to life . . .

The shimmering of the leaves in the breeze make them sparkle like diamonds

The leaves look like they're moving . . .

Final Demo painting.  Nailed it.  Again . . . Do you think I'm exaggerating?  
Greg Stocks painting just a hundred yards away.  Another amazing painting!

David Skidmore knocked a beautiful painting out.  Great to see the new techniques being tackled.  Starts out pretty frustrating, but experimenting with a new way of laying the paint down is kinda fun!

Kitty Brumberg found a great grove - and with trees not being "her thing," she could have surprised us all - they were great!  And some ornery cows down the way - doing "elk impersonations!"

Scott Shearer and Blair Jenkins taking it all in - some beautiful work created by both of them.    Not traditional "plein air" painters, they're pretty quick studies.  They both knocked out some fabulous work.  

Loved this profile of Shannon Grosko - her darling pony tail - you could spot her a mile away.   She's working on BOLD strokes.  Go for it, Shannon!!  I'm her #1 cheerleader! 

Doug and Shannon doing some color matching.  No mint green here, Shannon.  She knows what to add to get the brilliant colors!  
Traveling on over the mountain and finding the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch was quite a treat!  What a well-kept secret and pleasant surprise!  

We were treated to a fabulous Dutch Oven Dinner that was absolutely to die for.  Complements to the chef!!

David opted for the Tipi which has a queen size bed, night stand, lamp and heater inside.  What a fun place!!  No one wanted to go to bed, knowing we would have to pack up and move on the next morning.  A little piece of heaven right here in Boulder, Utah.  

Night all . . .


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