Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wet Paint . . . almost dry!!

Wow - where did November go?  It got away from me probably because I was busy celebrating both anniversary (#24) and birthday (also #24 . . . wow, how often does that happen?? I mean, what are the odds!!).  You throw in a week at Zions, then Thanksgiving, finishing one job, starting a new job, and yeah, that's pretty much makes any month just a blur!

You're hoping I say "the end" and start with the paintings, but you are sooo not getting off that easy!  First off, can I just say that Zion's was the best time ever.  Rubbing shoulders and being cool with some of the best in the business  was quite a treat!  Kate Starling, Ann Weiler-Brown, Susan Gallacher, George Handrahan, Russell Case, Joshua Been, Bill Cramer and Dennis Farris just to name a few.  What a blast!  We tried out several new restaurants and had some great laughs - shocking, I know - and guess what?  Russell's wife, Suzanne, is such a riot!  She's funnier than me!!  just sayin . . .

Carrots from the garden!  I know!  100 lbs at least!  haha
Came home to lots of surprises and they were all good!!  First thing we came home to was an "already harvested" garden thanks to Ryan and Wesley - all tilled over and ready for next year!  Wow!   About a hundred pounds of potatoes and carrots that were a hundred pounds each!  (okay, you've already figured out that I exaggerate, haven't you!!)   One carrot made like 50 carrot sticks - and that's no exaggeration!!  Wes, my little Bugs Bunny, was in heaven!

Also came home to a job offer from a law office in Salt Lake that was just too good to refuse.  So as we speak, I'm on the frontrunner (the train that travels between home and downtown Salt Lake for you out-of-staters) working out of my "mobile" office--a 18 x 24 inch table!  Sweet!!!  I'm going into my third week at Stucki, Steele and  Rencher, a small law firm that needs someone who can do a little bit of this and a little bit of that!  Hey, that's me!!  That's what I'm good at.  A little HR stuff, payroll, receivables, payables, and all the stuff that generally falls through the cracks.  I'm very excited and they are a great group of people--it feels like a perfect fit for me!  So, any of you who work in downtown Salt Lake, let me know - let's do lunch!!

Jade, Oscar and Jeff napping after Thanksgiving Dinner!
Last, but not least, we came home to a new puppy!!  Ryan had rescued a little weiner dog from some friends who couldn't keep him so yes, we now have Oscar . . . full name:  Oscar Milo Weiner . . . dog!  ba dum schhhh!!   So Thanksgiving was great with Amy coming over and bringing Jeffrey, her "Chug" (chihuahua/pug mix), the three dogs thought they were ruling the roost.  From this picture, I guess that would be true!

My birthday was awesome--many of you sent wonderful well-wishes on facebook and emails!  I felt incredibly loved and Doug and the kids surprised me with a new phone and of course, Ryan had it all fixed up for me with a "happy birthday" banner on the screen!  So yes, I am now an "I-Phone-r" and loving it!!  Go ahead, invite me to a game of scrabble--I dare you!!

The wet paint from Zion's is now dry . . . and we were fortunate enough to have left most of them there with red dots!  (Gallery-ese for SOLD!)  Wahoo!!  The weather was absolutely perfect!  Here is one that is going to make it's way to a larger painting in the new year!

16 x 12
Oil on board
We also have a great start of filling the Southern Utah Tour la Plein Air workshop in September of 2011!  Thanks for jumping on your spot!  I have already put in for time off.  wahoo!!!  

"City View"
12 x 16
Oil on Canvas

Last but not least, we are going to offer our first limited edition of 16x20 signed and numbered giclee prints of one of my favorite paintings, Pine Creek.  The original painting being a 40x30 and can be seen at Terzian Gallery if you'd prefer the original!  Click below if you're interested in ordering a print.  This is our first stab at offering prints so we are offering this first round of 100 prints to our blog readers for $135 and we will cover the shipping.  

"Pine Creek"
40 x 30
Oil on Canvas
My last blog of the year will be highlights of the year - so I would love to know what your favorites are as well.  If you have any burning questions you'd love to ask, feel free to shoot me an email and I will address it!  Have a most fabulous day!  The Jazz are winning and looking better than I've ever seen them so needless to say, I'm very pleasant to be around!

Thanks for your support you've shown to our family!  We seriously love you to death!!

Click here for the giclee print information or heck, just call me!!  Seriously - hurry . .



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Road Trip Conversation"

Over the past several years, Doug and I have taken lots of road trips together. Of course, starting out, they included three kids in the back seat and most of our entertainment came from singing.  I was just reminded by our friend, (Uncle Jay to my kids) that he still sings "Daisy Daisy . . ." to his kids that he learned while our families traveled to southern Utah together.  As the kids got older, however, singing together was replaced with the kids putting in their head phones listening to their "own" tunes or watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off on their ipod!  

Now, it's just the two of us - our travel includes a little reading and crossword puzzles--however the problem is this:  Doug's a visual guy.  I say, "Okay . . . four letters.  Starts with C ends with E."  Easy enough, right?  No, he's gotta look over and SEE it in the boxes. Keeping his eyes on the road becomes a problem, so yeah, at that point we move on to good ol' "road trip conversation."

Most of what topics come up are things we'd like to do--places we'd like to go.  Wouldn't it be cool if . . .

We talk about places we might like to live . . . the accomplishments and struggles of our kids . . . bless their little hearts . . . and of course, most of our conversation fits in the great little phrase "wouldn't it be cool if . . . "

One of our many "wouldn't-it-be-cool-if's" included a perfect little road trip in which we stop at one of our favorite places . . . paint . . . eat . . . relax . . . then travel a little further to another favorite place . . . paint . . . eat  . . . see the sights and move on again!

8 x 10
One of these road trips might start in one of our favorite little places with lots of our favorite people!  Helper!  Stay a day or two, then travel a couple of hours on down through Torrey, take in the red rocks and surroundings of Capitol Reef National Park.  After a couple of days, travel on over the Boulder Mountain where we catch the colors of the quakies just as they're turning yellow and red.  From Boulder, maybe take in the Burr Trail and then meander our way through the Grand Staircase Escalante, catch the beautiful Calf Creek on the way over and land in Escalante (my home town).  Doug paints while I "vist" with cousins galore (definition of vist:  a word used by Grandma Griffin to converse across the kitchen table.  "Oh, how we did vist 'n vist . . . 'n that thare . . ."  can you just hear it?)

"Calf Creek Castles"
8 x 10
From Escalante, travel on over through the spectacular Red Canyon State Park and then end in the breathtaking Bryce Canyon National Park.  Sounds like the perfect painting trip, doesn't it?  So perfect, in fact, that I took it a step further.  I seriously planned out a nine-day workshop taking in all those places.  So yeah, I have appointed myself chief tour guide in charge of accommodations, entertainment and goodies, and have wisely appointed Doug head instructor.  (I don't miss a trick, do I?)  

"Class Demo"
8 x 10
I have a more detailed itinerary posted and have gone ahead made reservations for us (definition of Us:  Doug and I and 10 students who want to come along!)  Starting September 23, 2011, we will meet in Helper Utah and let the "Southern Utah Tour la Plein Air" begin!!  I have negotiated some great rates at some quaint little hotels and some beautiful grand hotels.  May even sneak in a rustin dutch oven dinner at a cabin on Boulder Mountain with some fun entertainment!  Check out the itinerary and let me know what you think!  All I know is . . . #twenty_eleven_best_road_trip_ever!

Click here for itinerary:  Workshop Itinerary

Jim & Kim Wachter - Doug's Sedona hosts
Drawing by Robert Goldman
Doug had a fabulous time in Sedona thanks to some wonderful hosts, Jim and Kim Wachter.  Doug couldn't stop talking about how great they were.  He was most appreciative of their genuine hospitality--catering to his every need.  You definitely spoiled him, folks--he's impossible to live with now!  haha  Seriously, thanks so much for your kindness and care!  

Also thanks to one of Doug's students, Ruthie Feldman and her teacher, Bob Goldman, for visiting Doug and "capturing" him while he was painting.  Also, thanks to Ruthie for keeping me "fed" with Doug's latest wet paint!   Below are some of his Sedona paintings.

"Downtown Jerome"
12 x 16
"Life Partners"
8 x 10
"Dry Creek"
12 x 16
"Castle Rock"
12 x 16
"Surf's Up"
12 x 16

12 x 16
We are now here at the Zion's Plein Air Invitational and having a fabulous time.  We couldn't have ordered better weather and we're rubbing shoulders with a fabulous group of artist's!  I will post paintings of Zions very soon!!

Road trip conversation is the best . . . just sayin . . .



Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Rock" Star!

And the "tour la plein air" continues and if I don't hustle and keep up, I'm going to miss some great stories to tell you!!

I started my 1100 mile weekend road trip Friday afternoon when I headed to Boulder Mountain to hook up for a great weekend in the Bryan and SueLyn family cabin on Boulder Mountain.  With no phone or internet coverage, it is pretty secluded and remote.  Luckily, Jade had been keeping Doug company and giving Doug someone to talk to, who doesn't talk back, besides the cows and wild turkeys in the field.

Jade got some privileges that she normally doesn't get.  She got to go on a motorcycle ride tucked inside Doug's backpack and turned around so she was "sitting and facing" front!  With her head poking out of the back pack and the 60 mph winds blowing in her "smiling" face, Doug got many nods and thumbs up as he passed tourists traveling the Boulder mountain terrain.

She also thoroughly enjoyed being "perched" on the front porch holding ever so still watching for the slightest movement in the pine trees.  Watching her head jerk back and forth as she'd see movement from a squirrel or bird kept us in stitches.

I'd almost forgotten how much fun Doug and I have when we get together and we're not stressing about "getting stuff done" in the day-to-day routine.  Just chillin' and relaxing was great fun and we laughed all weekend!

His paintings reinforced his title of "Rock Star" literally.  He paints rocks like nobody's business!

"Modern Day Cowboy"
Love how he showed the magnitude of the mountains by putting in a vehicle driving along that skinny road.  A nice couple stopped to see what he was painting and sent him this picture they snapped of him along the way!  


"Base Camp"
Up on Boulder Mountain, the hunters are starting to scout out their places for the big hunt.  This is a typical sight on Boulder Mountain.  Love it!!!

"Boulder Roller Coasters"

The week of plein air painting ended with him receiving a "your-painting-is-ALMOST-the-best-painting-here Award!"  He was, however, fortunate to share one of the two "Merit Awards" with Clay Wagstaff for a close second!

There were some great painters there and we had a great time rubbing shoulders with them.  Listening to some great music, including some very talented locals, including the amazing Mecham Sisters, Quinn and Doneen Griffin, one of my favorite people and cousin, Raymond Shurtz, a playright and phenomenal singer, and fellow artist, Lynn Griffin, (and ALSO a cousin) and his lovely wife Judy.  Also congratulations to Bill Cramer who took home an honorable mention as well as the "artist's choice" award!  This is the painting Doug submitted for the competition.

"Eye Candy"
This painting was done in Torrey - Doug can't get enough of the red hills and desert. 

Here are a couple more paintings he did in Spring City - these are some that didn't make it home with him so he didn't get pictures.  Thanks to friends who sent them to us!  

"Numerous and Varied"

"Tractor Parking"

Doug and I finished our 1100-mile treks (going separate ways) as he headed back north to gather things for his Helper Workshop while I headed even further south to take a painting to Zion's for the Zion's Invitational which we BOTH will be able to attend the first week in November.  

I got to spend a day with my wonderful dad who lives in St. George.  We made the always-familiar trek to Mesquite for a prime rib dinner and dropped a few nickels in the machines!  As we leave, we always are reminded of a saying my grandmother used often!  With a sigh, and as if for a loss of words, "Well, that thare, there'll be some happy ones and some sad ones . . ."  This great phrase was used when referring to a wonderful Christmas morning, a devistating loss on the Price is Right, or at the end of a close Jazz game!  Grandma's sentences, whether the thought was finished or not, always ended in another sigh, a long pause, and then " 'n that thare . . ."  And that was the end of the conversation.  

So I'll stop for now  . . . and we'll talk soon . .  and . . . well . . . . . .  'n that thare . . .  see how that works, really, it's brilliant . . .  


PS - Love to have you share this post with others!  Links below to repost on facebook, twitter or email!  Thanks friends and family!  You're the best!  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wet Paint and the "Tour La Plein Air!"

Well the two weeks of separation brought a very fun weekend in Estes Park!  After picking me up at the Denver Airport, and a wonderful recommendation for dinner from the kind gentlemen sitting next to me, we enjoyed some fabulous food and shopping!  Seriously, Doug was so burned out from painting that he very willingly (but not overly enthusiastic) shopped with me up and down Elkhorn Drive and even carried my "goods" while we "milled around" the Art and Craft fair!  Bless his little heart!  

Doug had a very productive week--with not much else to do, due to a very slow internet connection at the quaint little hotel) so his routine was pretty much paint, eat, read and sleep!!  So here is some wet paint from Estes Park!  This first one is one of my favorites--click on it to see it bigger if you can.  The paint strokes are amazing.  I always say with Doug's paintings that they're a "buy one get one free" type deal!  It's a different painting from far away.  Almost photographic!  (he will not like me saying that!)  But up close, you see the big rich strokes and every stroke counts!  Not too many--just enough!


Next one was the wonderful Highwaty 36.   Every road leading into Estes Park is beautiful.  The rocks were amazing.  I'm from Southern Utah and I thought there were no other "cool" rocks around - but this has some pretty amazing stuff!  Every turn we made, I was wowed!  (Wesley, is that a word?  May I use it this once??)  haha  

"Highway 36"

And then our favorite little town of Ward, where last year we did the process painting and are still laughing about our experience there.  Great little town with a handful of people, a Sheriff (only because he wears a sheriff's hat) and I think, more dogs than people!  Notice the traffic jam there in the middle of town!

"Rush Hour in Ward"

The show in Boulder on Saturday night was great and Pearl Street in Boulder was a riot!  It's a "walking" street with lots of wonderful shops. ahhh, I was in heaven  Almost like a mall except it's outside!  The weather was perfect and the "kiosks" down the middle included dozens of college students sharing their talents for your "spare change!"  We enjoyed everything from violin music to juggling to a contortionist who "folded" himself into a small square box.  Crazy!!  

Thank you to Ron and Anne and the great staff at Earthwood Gallery for hosting such a great show!  The paintings looked amazing and we had a great "gallery stroll" crowd!  Thank you, especially, to some fabulous friends who made a great effort, some coming 70+ miles, to show their support--Lynn and Lyn, Amy and Rick, Cozan and Lonnie, and Lou and Maggie!  Thank you thank you for your support!!  Lynn and Lyn, hope you are enjoying Mt. Side Cohorts!!  

The weather was perfect.  We enjoyed being outside most of the day and took a great evening walk around Lily Lake, but hiking up the mountain at about 8,500 feet, I had to take a break about every 20 steps!  But amazingly so, everywhere we stopped was a gorgeous view which invited a candid phone shot by me!!  It took me five tries to get Doug into the picture!  hahaha   It was a perfect way ease a little bit of the stress of our lives--even if just for a weekend! 

The drive home started out by enjoying the beauty of the Park following a river for almost an hour.  Going through small towns was great, stopping for kettle corn and jerky from a "fruit stand!"

Then disaster struck!!  Unbelievable.  Like night and day.  Yes . . . we came to the dreaded turnoff that heads west and jumped onto I-80 and, well, the yawning began!  I curled up and found my pillow--sleeping peacefully until I was rudely awakened by a "whistling" windshield--which happens when winds are coming at you at 60 mph!  Well, the rest of the 8+ hour drive into the wind included my reading out loud--a new Harlan Coben book and doing crossword puzzles that I cut out of the pile of newspapers that had built up on my front porch!   We made it home without incident and found the house still standing and in beautiful order!  Thanks, boys! (and all the neighborhood who, I'm sure, were there to help eat the food in the fridge)  I love ya all!!    

Doug got 24-36 hours of "home" before jumping back in the Element and heading to Spring City for the plein air competition.  With phone service only available on the corner of Main and Center in Mt. Pleasant, we didn't get to talk much!  But Doug enjoyed his time immensely--some of the greatest people we know!  Big thanks to Susan Gallacher, one of our favorite painters, for a place to stay--thanks to Dorothy, our "adopted" sister, for a lunch-date for Doug, and great big thanks to Chris and Allyson Anderson for providing such "food of plenty" during the week!  You guys are an amazing support to the arts, and please know how much you are appreciated!  I'm sorry I couldn't have been there.  

Here are some of Doug's paintings from his stay.    

"Ebbs & Flows"

"Hit & Miss"

"Imaginary Boundaries"

So Doug's "tour la plein air" I totally made that up, seriously - it sounds so legit, huh? continues this coming weekend as he heads to Escalante - which is MY stomping grounds, by the way, where Doug is the husband to Jeanette Griffin!!  yeah, right, that ended about 6 years ago!  ugh!  I'm still not over it . . .  Hoping to see some of you down there.  After that, Doug goes straight from Escalante to Helper to teach his fall workshop!  Last workshop till next summer--if you need some motivation to paint through the winter, you better call me and get a spot!  Or call and tell me which painting above you can't live without!  Or  . . . just call me!!  Maybe say "hey, let's go golf!!"  I will love hearing from you for whatever reason!!  Have a fabulous week!!  

We shall talk soon!

and remember, this is all just from my perspective . . . 


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wet Paint and Separation Anxiety!

Pearl Street Plaza

Doug’s been gone three days and already we’re having severe separation anxiety.  There are a few . . .  no, several . . . uh . . . okay, let’s face it, there are LOTS of things that Doug does that I don’t even give a second thought to.  
So I’m lying there in bed, sound asleep, when I sit right up in a cold sweat!  “CRAP! Did Doug's shop get locked up?”  “AHHH!!  I wonder if the someone gave Jade her pill?" "SHOOT!  I was supposed to water the garden!"  "Did Jade get FED?"  “Did I get Doug’s mail?”   
Not being able to tag along with Doug this year was pretty much a drag but we’re both gaining a much better appreciation of each other!  Being the “detailed organizer” that I am, Doug left with a purple manila folder with an itinerary for the next two weeks along with “Exhibits A-F” of google maps and hotel confirmations, addresses and phone numbers!  Doug is painting in Estes Park as we speak and today, had a great day with near perfect weather.  Thank ya much, weatherman! 
This past weekend, as Doug was heading east, my BFF Julie and I headed southeast and spent the weekend in Helper at the Arts Festival.  We went to see my daughter, Amy, who works at the town-favorite cafĂ© “The Balanced Rock.”  With it being festival time and all, she spent the biggest part of our “bonding” time waiting tables with a smile, a sore back and very tired feet, while Julie and I strolled up and down the main street with Amy’s dog, Jeffrey, a Chihuahua/pug mix that we like to call a “chug!”  Here’s a pic of Jeff and I chillin on the deck Sunday morning.

It’s great to be somewhere where time really kind've stands still.  Or better yet, time moves forward and, quite frankly, you don’t care because you have no agenda and nowhere to be.  That’s how my weekend in Helper felt and I have to say, I don’t remember the last time I felt that way!  It was amazing!   
On the flip side, I talked with Doug after he’d finally arrived to his resting place for the night, and much to my chagrin, unthinkingly asked if he had decided on a spot to paint the next day.  Silence.  I felt much like Homer Simpson "DOH!!  Did I really say that or was I just thinking it?!" haha   I’m pretty sure I heard the phone drop to the ground as his hands flew up in air with an “are-you-kidding-me" look on his face.   My bad.  Yeah . . . he left home at o'dark thirty, drove well over 500 miles, stopped in Estes Park to get boards stamped for the plein air competition, then went on to Boulder to drop off 18 paintings for his upcoming show, and then followed my handy-dandy google maps back to find his hotel, which wasn’t as slick as I had hoped!  So yeah, asking if he’d scouted out his spot to paint went over much like giving someone a vacuum cleaner for mother's day!  haha  . . . and just for the record, that's never happened!  Doug is much too smart a man!   He's thinking, "Geez, honey, ya slave driver!" . . . so sorry darlin, really, I am!!   At that point, I tried to recover by sounding like we’d had an exhausting day of, uh, yeah, walking Jeffrey all over Helper on the hot pavement (main street's like 3 blocks ya know!) and throwing Jeffrey's mangled tennis ball over and over again in a grueling game of fetch!  I was near exhaustion!  Yeah, I know, no one is buying that.  
Well thanks for sticking with me through that . . here is your treat!  A preview of the show - I'm tellin' ya, the guy's a machine and rock star!  What can I say!  His opening reception opens on Saturday, September 4th from 6-9 pm at Earthwood Gallery on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO.  I found a great deal on a one-way ticket so I’m going to fly out next weekend and then make the 500+ mile trek home with him!  Should be great fun!  Would love LOVE LOVE to see some of you at the show if you’re in the Denver/Boulder area.  Also, side note, there are still a couple of spots left in the Helper fall workshop!  Come on down--Helper's a great little town!!  that totally rhymed, did you catch that . . . it just flowed off my tongue . . . crazy, I know . .  
Pine Creek Pass

This painting was the product of the great little study I posted a couple of months ago that was so tastefully snagged by our Estes Park friend, Linne Haddock, who also purchased a "buddy" to go with it!  We are thrilled that they have found such a great home, Linne!  Hope Doug gets to see you Estes Park!  Call him!
Mountain Side Cohorts

Ahh, I'm not sure where this is, but I am loving the purple flowers.  Students from Torrey are feeling the love here? I certainly am.   Doug putting the flowers in a painting makes me happy!

Table Prep

A great little place where I'm sure Doug is going to take me for lunch - and I'll bet he picks me a flower and puts it on my plate!  Fer-SHER!


Another beautiful Boulder Mountain spot!  That's a little heaven on earth that is!  We need to do another class there.  Hey - flash thought - we are putting together a "traveling" workshop that we are going to try and do next "late-summer-early-fall" where we'll travel throughout Utah and spend a couple of days in each place.  Helper, Boulder Mountain, Escalante, Zions . . . just givin you a heads up . . . 

I feel some shoes and jewelry shopping on the horizon . . .


The Torrey skies and clouds were amazing.  I can just almost feel the heat from the rocks, ahhh and a slight breeze, I think. 

Summit Slopes

One last view of Boulder Mountain.  This scene in the fall is something unbelievable.  Love watching the quakies' leaves shake and shimmer in the sunlight. Almost look like shiny coins . . .

Love to know what your favorites are . . . 

Talk soon!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wet Paint - One Step at a Time!

Wow, where to start to talk about the last month!  First off, the workshops were phenomenal!   I wasn't able to make it to the Helper Workshop which I was so sad about, but I heard from many that it was a blast (just as I figured!  ugh!  I knew I was missing out!)  Got some great feedback from some students.  In fact, Vern Schwarz wrote a great blog about his Helper experience which you should check out . . . as soon as you're done reading mine, of course, and Jordan Wright, a student from Utah State University said it was the best decision he'd ever made.  "I learned more from him in one week than I have in over a year in college studying painting!"  One thing that Jordan said that everyone really agreed on was the fact that Doug is so willing to give you his entire process, "step by step, beginning to end, without holding anything back."  He posted some great paintings on his blog from the workshop, including a great value study of an alley in Helper.  The students loved watching the demonstration paintings.  Here are some of the finished demo paintings, some of which you will see the "process" pictures of!  

Oh, just a side note, when Doug sent me these images, of course, he had to title them before he could save them . . . so yes, he has come up with some very clever names for these . . let's start with the first one.  "Demo 1" hmmm, whadaya think?  Got a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  I'm tellin' ya, the man's got a gift for namin' paintings!  The guy's a walking thesaurus.  

Okay okay, I know most of you support Doug in this, just like you all supported the ugly t-shirts, and, yes, his gift of painting far outweighs his gift of "titling" so . . . I'm going to let these names slide.  This time.     

"Demo 1"
 Sand Creek Road just outside of Torrey.  I would have named this flowering something or other.  

"Demo 2"
Boulder Mountain meadow.  Gotta love these quakies.  In the fall, the colors are absolutely breathtaking.  If you haven't been to Boulder Mountain, seriously worth a trip!!

"Demo 3"
Hillside outside of Helper

"Demo 4"
On the mountain between Boulder and Torrey - more on the Boulder side.  The clouds were constantly changing.  Got some great shots of Doug working the sky.  He makes it look so easy.  But it's not!  Trust me.  I know.  

"Demo 5"
Outskirts of Teasdale I believe - I missed this one.  Again, love how he captures the heat of the day.  

"Demo 6"
House in Teasdale.  Anybody home??  And the rocks, yeah, how do you get them to look like that? 

"Demo 8"
Vern posted this one on his blog, at midpoint I believe.  

Okay - so I did make it down to the Torrey workshop and guess what??  I actually did a painting one morning!!  The students asked if I painted.  I said NO!  Never had a paintbrush in my hand.  So they kept on me until I consented to paint the next morning.  So with easel set up and brush in hand, I attempted to paint a red rock and a tree!  Doug seriously makes it look so easy but it's not!  To all of you painters out there from all of us non-painters, I drop my messy paintbrush at your feet and grovel!  

Jeanette's First Painting

Yeah well, it was fun anyway!!  If there are any strokes in this painting that look like Doug's confident strokes, they probably are!  It needed help and he came to my rescue!  

Okay - so let's go back to the meadow where I spread out the red checkered blanket.  The meadow was beautiful and peaceful.  There were hawks in the distance that were not very happy about us invading their space!   

Doug started the demo painting with the dark purple "wash" that generally kinda freaks people out and then proceeds to "draw" the painting out with such tools as q-tips or a paper towel!  This is where he puts in the values of the painting.  The lighter areas, the darker areas.  It's a great exercise.

After he got the painting "drawn" in, he then talked about the two different kinds of color matching--the first being "absolute color" which is matching the paint to the subject, i.e. tree, sky or grass.  The students below are color-matching the paint on their pallet knife with the subject.

The other type of matching is "relative color" looking at what's on your painting already and see if tree next to it is lighter or darker, relatively speaking!  You're seeing here that I'm truly understanding the concept, right?!!  So below is a series of the painting "Demo 7" (clever), going from the "drawing" stage to the signature at the end!

Final Painting
"Demo 7"

Finished and signed.  Doug B.  

So many things intrigued me, especially after I attempted to paint.  Everything from the soft edges, to the clouds, to the trees.  Doug explained, on my "painting" I'll use that term loosely that I was trying to paint the sage brush individually, rather than looking for "shapes" or "blocks" or color.  He used that same comparison in painting the pine trees or sections of grass.  I realized we see much less detail than we think we do.  

Hope you enjoyed the process paintings . . . I have more!  I will do another one next week.  I will also have more workshop pictures on our website along with links to Vern's and Jordan's blogs!   

Oh, and on a final note, when I asked about the "brown" color, I was kindly "educated" that "there is no such color as brown!"  Pffff!!  Whatever!!  I'm certain there is a brown crayon in my crayola box . . . just sayin . . . 

Big BIG thanks to the students this summer!  It was fabulous to meet you!!  I am looking forward to meeting more students in September as there is one more workshop in Helper!  September 27 - October 2.  #good.times.in.helper!! Below are some more pictures from the workshops!  

Thanks for your patience in waiting for this blog - my apologies!  

Warmest regards,