Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wet Paint and Falling Into Place

I'm feeling a little melancholy at the moment as I feel like time is flying by so quickly, I'm missing out on precious moments that I should be savoring with every bite.  Yesterday was my firstborn's 27th birthday.
What?  When did that happen?  I know we have all uttered those same words.  I texted him through our "family" group text, first thing, recalling our family tradition:

Mom:  . . . with presents in hand, we sneak into Ryan's room early in the morning, singing "happy birthday to you . . . happy birthday to you!  Happy Birthday . . . dear Ryyyyyyy an . . . happy birthday toooooooo youuuuuuu!!"  and someone always chimes in with "and many more . . . ."

Doug:  Ah, hun, you should let him sleep in on his birthday!  Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ryan:  *yaaawwwn*  Ah, thanks guys!!  

Wesley recalled the "trumpeting" sound that Doug generally made when waking the kids in the morning.

Amy chimes in "Hahaha!  Happy Birthday Ryan!"

We would all jump on his bed and we all get comfortable while he opens his presents to start his wonderful birthday!

I also got a wonderful gift from Wesley who took all of my videos and "camcorder" tapes, along with my parents "home videos" and put them all into digital format.  Wow, talk about a flooding and long ride down memory lane!  In most cases, it seems like a different life time.  That being said, I'm back in the saddle of Braithwaite Fine Art and chief in charge!  So much fun running this business and working with Doug and Wesley that I am thrilled to be back in charge, crackin' the whip!  and laughing my head off while Wesley cracks jokes!  Did I mention that kid is so funny??  and did I mention that I love pretending that I'm the boss!   

So let's get at it!  It's been a crazy warm winter but that didn't stop Doug from painting ski paintings!  They've been flying outta here like nobody's business!  We did a few for Art & Soup last month and then some special requests and commissions!  All in all, they were killer ski paintings!!

This first one was another first for Braithwaite.  Lone skier, no buildings, no cars, just a skier and his mountain.  Sweet painting.

"Ready, Set . . ."
8 x 10
Available at Terzian Gallery, Park City
This won't last long.  I think 2 or 3 of you have already asked about it!  This next one went to a great home in Colorado to a long-time friend, Dorothy Strehl.  She taught skiing at Alta for many years and loved this very scene:

"Mountain Village"
9 x 12
This was a popular one as well.  Went quickly at Art & Soup.

"Lunch Ideas"
11 x 14
This one just went up to Terzian as well and is already on hold.  We had it in the window, maybe 30 minutes when someone came in and asked about it!  Doug and I stopped on our way out of town a few weeks ago as we watched the cross country skiers enjoy the peaceful "gym" that we soooo envy while we fight for a treadmill at Gold's Gym!  See the little skier on the path?

"Crowded Day at the Gym"
9 x 12
Sale Pending at Terzian Gallery
This is the one he painted for the demo and live auction at Art & Soup.  He had it mostly finished but put the final touches on it while people watched him paint there at the Salt Palace.  Great painting.

11 x 14
Not a great image, but you get the idea.

Doug has a couple of classes scheduled for 2015!  I'm not sure how people are finding out about the classes as I've not advertised them yet, but we've had some new students already sign up!  We will be doing two workshops this year.  The first one will be in Huntsville from June 25-28.  Torrey Workshop will be September 10-13, 2015.  Both will be 3 1/2 days with 7 sessions.  We are limiting the classes to just 12 students.

I have made some arrangements for some lodging options if you're interested.  In June, with the workshop being in Huntsville, we have reserved 4 rooms at the Snowberry Inn which is within a couple of minutes to where we will be painting I like how I say "we" when referring to painting!  The Snowberry Inn is absolutely beautiful and they have offered us rooms for $99/night + tax which includes breakfast!  If you're on a budget, I have also reserved some rooms at Days Inn in Clearfield, which would be about a 20 minute drive to Huntsville (which is what Doug will be doing from our home here in Sunset).  They have offered us rooms for $56.99/night + tax.  In both cases, let them know you are with the Doug Braithwaite workshop to get those rates.  June's workshop will start first thing Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m.  If you're coming from out of town, you will most likely want to come in the night before.  There will be two sessions each day, usually from 8-noon and then 2-6, depending on the "best light!"   I'm still figuring out that "best light" stuff . . .  The final session will be Sunday morning, June 28th from 8-noonish.

Torrey Workshop will follow that same format, starting the morning of Thursday, September 10th ending Sunday morning, September 13th.  I have reserved a block of rooms at the Boulder View Inn for $65/night + tax.  Go to our website at and go to the "Workshops" tab to register!

We are also offering something new this year.  We always get requests for the boards that Doug paints on.  Wesley has heard your request and has gone to production!  He is offering the boards for you.  They can come either with or without gesso (if you would prefer to gesso your own) and in some traditional sizes (or special sizes upon request).  He also has a great little maple frame, either varnished in clear or whitewash, that can be easily put onto your painting when it's finished and ready to frame in minutes.  The boards have been prepared so the painting "floats" and you can paint right to the edge of the painting without the frame covering any of it up.  For you plein air painters, they're a dream!  We have a website for Braithwaite Fine Art where you can order the boards.   Go to the "artist boards" tab for information about the boards.  Here's what they look like:

Gesso + floated
And here's a little painting fitted inside a whitewash maple frame.  Doug usually paints the "recessed" border with a dark color, usually the color he starts the painting with.  Something that compliments your painting.  Your choice.

We also have all of our giclee (pronounced "zhee-clay") prints on our website now as well.  They can be printed on either canvas or archival paper.  Check them out!!  Again, it's

So there you have it!  Doug is getting prepared for a trip down the Grand Canyon on a river trip with some of his painting buddies!  Like I said, I'm back in the saddle so there will be more blogs to come.  Check back often.  Follow us on Facebook to see paintings posted by Doug as well.

Feels so good to be back and in the midst of you!  Drop me a note and let me know how you're doing or better yet, stop by and see me at the shop sometime!  We are at 461 West 1800 North in Sunset.  We do amazing framing!  again, I like how I say "we!"  hahaha

Have a wonderful day.  Here's what I learned recently:  Sometimes when things are falling apart, they're actually just falling into place.  That feels right.

Love to you all,