Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wet Paint, Urban Workshop & an Unfinished Portrait of Mickey Mouse

Wow, where did 2015 go?  And 2016 is flying by so let me catch you up on our happenings!

Doug continues to wow me after almost 30 years!  Yep, we're approaching the big 3-0.  I know, how is that possible when I'm only 39?  Trust me,  the math works out.

We are thrilled to see the weather cooperating with plein air painting (and golfing) and taking Max for his daily walks.  Speaking of Max, one of Max's fellow four-legged friends was laid to rest and Doug did a great little painting for our friends, Bob and Julie.
Tasha (10 x 8) oil on board

He had so much fun painting this one, he's started one of Max!  

Speaking of four-legged friends, this is a common sight first thing in the morning as Doug catches up with his FB perusal.  Jeffrey is the favored grandchild (I still don't have any "human" grandchildren yet so these are as close as I get!).   He belongs to our daughter Amy and we "share" custody of him!  hahaha  

Notice how Max is tucked back behind Jeff.  Jeff will literally step right over him to get to his place of honor--on Doug's legs.  Max is very happy to just sit "near" Jeff.  Jeff, however, does get a little annoyed but he is tolerant.
Doug also found time to build me an amazing sewing room this winter.  It is the most amazing room ever!  It started like this:

I know, it's quite embarrassing but quite frankly, how can I kick out some quality craft projects and quilts in such a disaster.  Even Oscar the dog is sizing up the place . . . it's a disaster.

So Doug went to work, working on the sewing room in the mornings then out to the studio to paint in the afternoons.  Getting some ski paintings out to the galleries.  Here are a few of my faves:

Fly Like an Eagle
9 x 12

Rocket Man
6 x 8

Man Versus
16 x 48
Doug also painted a little painting for our sweet neighbor Joe, who painted my sewing room for me.  He worked tirelessly to get it painted.  This is a painting done of the driveway between our two houses and a beautiful Sunset sunset!

Sunset Sunset
8 x 10
And here is how the sewing room turned out:

So the sewing side is on the right - the "office" is on the left.  He built literally everything--the desks, the shelves, the shelf that holds all my paints, wrapping paper station, everything.  This guy's a keeper I'm telling you!  I'm absolutely in love with this room and having a ball.  Be jealous, ladies!  I'm pretty proud!  I did find this little cross stitch in my organizing efforts.

"We Interrupt this Cross-Stitch to have children!"
 I seriously started this before I had Ryan, back in 1987 or 1988.  It went unfinished and I think I'll leave it as it is.

My first project was piecing this quilt that my mother started many many years ago.  She passed away about 8 years ago and I now have a place to finish some of her wonderful projects.  They saved literally EVERY piece of fabric (and there's a lot of polyester pants and "leisure suits" pieces here.) Some of the blocks were actually PIECED together to make one square.  Love and miss her every single day.

Doug also competed in the Drigg's Digs Plein Air last year and came away with First Place as well as first place for the quick draw in the park.  From there, he headed to Southern Utah for a month of teaching and painting my home town.  It absolutely killed me that he was spending so much time in Escalante and I couldn't go with him.  That's such a fun competition, bringing in over 100 artists to compete!  This painting took 2nd place.  This is a little lane heading out to the Liston home where I spent lots of time as a young girl.  It's now part of the Craig Heitteman and Jill Jessen collection!  So thrilled - Jill looked at it and squeeled.  She fell in love with it!  

View of the Blues
(Robert & Louise Liston Home)
12 x 16
 Here are a few more from down south that are now in the Torrey Gallery.
Boulder Quakies
8 x 10

2nd & Center
8 x 10

11 x 14
 He then did a couple of beautiful pieces for the Sears Dixie Invitational at Dixie State University in St. George.  It was great to be invited among some of the great painters of Utah.  There were 130 artists and this painting took 2nd among the oil painters and sold on the opening night:

"Twinkle Twinkle"
25 x 31
So much has happened and since I've had a new sewing room, I'm not making time to blog!!  Well, now I have a space to do it and I'm sitting here at my sweet desk as we speak so I will keep you updated! In the meantime, look at our website and you can always see new work.  Doug's also doing THREE workshops this summer!!

First one is a 3-day workshop (May 18-20) in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City!!  First time ever!!  "Setting an Urban Beat" and you don't want to miss this.  He may even touch on his technique of getting a plein air study then taking it back to the studio and how to use the study to do larger pieces inside.  Here's a couple from downtown Salt Lake City:

Rhythm of the Saints
20 x 24

Positively Painted
18 x 24
Second one is in Driggs, Idaho on July 23-24 in conjunction with the plein air competition .  I think there are only two spots left there so hurry if you want to go north!!

Third one is going to be in Longmont Colorado!  August 4-7 - this will be a 3 1/2 day workshop with 7 sessions and I'm coming to facilitate the FUN part of the workshop.   To register for any of the workshops, go to our website at and then to "workshops" and there will be links and information on how to register!

Please give me a call if you have questions regarding the workshops or if you want some quilting tips!  I truly do appreciate that you share with me a love of Doug's work.

I also will really appreciate any of you who have more grandchildren than you can handle!  I think my grand-dogs have me well trained so I'm ready to graduate to real babies!!  If you have any to share, let me know!  Otherwise, I will do my best to be patient!

Last note, in case you didn't catch this magazine on news stands, super proud of this guy for getting the cover of Plein Air Magazine in November of 2015 and a wonderful article inside written by Editor-in-Chief Steven Doherty.

November 2015 Cover
Gills Rock Geometry
10 x 10
Click HERE to read the article
There are still more amazing paintings on the website if you want to check that out!  He's been a busy busy guy!!

Thanks for reading!!

All my best,