Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wet Paint . . . almost dry!!

Wow - where did November go?  It got away from me probably because I was busy celebrating both anniversary (#24) and birthday (also #24 . . . wow, how often does that happen?? I mean, what are the odds!!).  You throw in a week at Zions, then Thanksgiving, finishing one job, starting a new job, and yeah, that's pretty much makes any month just a blur!

You're hoping I say "the end" and start with the paintings, but you are sooo not getting off that easy!  First off, can I just say that Zion's was the best time ever.  Rubbing shoulders and being cool with some of the best in the business  was quite a treat!  Kate Starling, Ann Weiler-Brown, Susan Gallacher, George Handrahan, Russell Case, Joshua Been, Bill Cramer and Dennis Farris just to name a few.  What a blast!  We tried out several new restaurants and had some great laughs - shocking, I know - and guess what?  Russell's wife, Suzanne, is such a riot!  She's funnier than me!!  just sayin . . .

Carrots from the garden!  I know!  100 lbs at least!  haha
Came home to lots of surprises and they were all good!!  First thing we came home to was an "already harvested" garden thanks to Ryan and Wesley - all tilled over and ready for next year!  Wow!   About a hundred pounds of potatoes and carrots that were a hundred pounds each!  (okay, you've already figured out that I exaggerate, haven't you!!)   One carrot made like 50 carrot sticks - and that's no exaggeration!!  Wes, my little Bugs Bunny, was in heaven!

Also came home to a job offer from a law office in Salt Lake that was just too good to refuse.  So as we speak, I'm on the frontrunner (the train that travels between home and downtown Salt Lake for you out-of-staters) working out of my "mobile" office--a 18 x 24 inch table!  Sweet!!!  I'm going into my third week at Stucki, Steele and  Rencher, a small law firm that needs someone who can do a little bit of this and a little bit of that!  Hey, that's me!!  That's what I'm good at.  A little HR stuff, payroll, receivables, payables, and all the stuff that generally falls through the cracks.  I'm very excited and they are a great group of people--it feels like a perfect fit for me!  So, any of you who work in downtown Salt Lake, let me know - let's do lunch!!

Jade, Oscar and Jeff napping after Thanksgiving Dinner!
Last, but not least, we came home to a new puppy!!  Ryan had rescued a little weiner dog from some friends who couldn't keep him so yes, we now have Oscar . . . full name:  Oscar Milo Weiner . . . dog!  ba dum schhhh!!   So Thanksgiving was great with Amy coming over and bringing Jeffrey, her "Chug" (chihuahua/pug mix), the three dogs thought they were ruling the roost.  From this picture, I guess that would be true!

My birthday was awesome--many of you sent wonderful well-wishes on facebook and emails!  I felt incredibly loved and Doug and the kids surprised me with a new phone and of course, Ryan had it all fixed up for me with a "happy birthday" banner on the screen!  So yes, I am now an "I-Phone-r" and loving it!!  Go ahead, invite me to a game of scrabble--I dare you!!

The wet paint from Zion's is now dry . . . and we were fortunate enough to have left most of them there with red dots!  (Gallery-ese for SOLD!)  Wahoo!!  The weather was absolutely perfect!  Here is one that is going to make it's way to a larger painting in the new year!

16 x 12
Oil on board
We also have a great start of filling the Southern Utah Tour la Plein Air workshop in September of 2011!  Thanks for jumping on your spot!  I have already put in for time off.  wahoo!!!  

"City View"
12 x 16
Oil on Canvas

Last but not least, we are going to offer our first limited edition of 16x20 signed and numbered giclee prints of one of my favorite paintings, Pine Creek.  The original painting being a 40x30 and can be seen at Terzian Gallery if you'd prefer the original!  Click below if you're interested in ordering a print.  This is our first stab at offering prints so we are offering this first round of 100 prints to our blog readers for $135 and we will cover the shipping.  

"Pine Creek"
40 x 30
Oil on Canvas
My last blog of the year will be highlights of the year - so I would love to know what your favorites are as well.  If you have any burning questions you'd love to ask, feel free to shoot me an email and I will address it!  Have a most fabulous day!  The Jazz are winning and looking better than I've ever seen them so needless to say, I'm very pleasant to be around!

Thanks for your support you've shown to our family!  We seriously love you to death!!

Click here for the giclee print information or heck, just call me!!  Seriously - hurry . .