Sunday, March 4, 2012

Uh, Kinda Busy Here! WhatEVer!

Hi everyone!  Great to be back on here!  I have to tell you how I was inspired to write this blog this morning!  I haven't stopped laughing for 48 hours now . . . I had just picked up some mats and frames for Doug in Salt Lake when I pulled into the studio driveway and decided to give Doug a call and have him come help me bring them in.  I called.  No answer.  Called again, no answer.

A little preturbed,  I "huff" a bit and turn off the car, get into the back seat, drag out the mat boards and frames, shut the back door with the snap of my foot behind me, then open the latch on the gate with my elbow.  are you getting a visual here?  Same elbow opens the sliding door to the back of the studio, same foot slides it closed.  A semi-sweet "hello!" gets a quick response back, "hello!"

"Oh, you're here!  Not answering your phone??"  a little sassiness in my voice . . . he'd argue on the "little!"  "No - kinda busy here!"  "Whatever!!" I said under my breath.  "No problem, I can bring this stuff in myself," I thought I said under my breath, but like Homer Simpson sometimes does, it comes out of the mouth instead of staying in the head.  DOH!  How does that happen!

I start back out to the car and he says, "Hey hon, come here!"  Hesitating, I turn around and step in to where he is painting to a room full of students from Utah State University watching Doug do a demo at his easel.  They all have big smiles on their faces as mine turns every shade of red!  I gave the "beauty queen" wave and introduced myself as the "ornery wife!"  We all had a good laugh and I slithered my way back out of the studio, but before sliding the glass door closed, I yelled in, "Next time, answer your damn phone!"

They were a great group of students and I was courageous enough to go back over before they left - ya know, to try and win them over with my "shweetness!"  I mean, really, I'm ornery once in 25 stinkin years, and it just happens to be in front of witnesses! What are the odds??  hahaha  Thanks, Zach Proctor for bringing your students down to see the studio, and thanks, Claire Harlos, for being such a fan of my blog and encouraging me to write more!  You, and many others who have written such encouraging notes and emails, have inspired and motivated me!  So THANK YOU!!

It has been a crazy year of highs and lows and I'll have to spend the next year telling you about it or we will be here all day!  One of the highlights:  Doug and I celebrated 25 years of marriage!  Wahoo!  We celebrated in Zions National Park at the Plein Air Invitational!  Doug worked, I played.  That's fair, right?  We had a great time with a wonderful group of people down there and I got to spend some time with my dad in St. George as well as Doug's folks who live there as well.  Doug received their Award of Excellence. Here's one of my faves from that week:

16 x 20 
This one was also of Zion and was in Doug's show at Terzian Gallery in December.

"The Artist's Brush"
30 x 40
This year also marked the anniversary of my 20th Annual 30th Birthday Party!  Yes, indeed, it was fantastic!  I was sooo preparing myself for the big five-oh and was determined not to be "F & F!"  (that being FIFTY and an F word that means plump!)  Well, I have come to the conclusion that it is okay to be F & F . . . fifty and FABULOUS!  (I'm down 12 lbs. in six weeks and seriously, as my dad would say, before long, when I turn sideways, I won't even make a shadow!)  Wahoo!  Go me!!

Doug did three plein air competitions this year:  Ogden, Midway and Moab.  Ogden 1st Place in the competition as well as 1st place in the quick draw.  Ahh, that's my boy!

"20th and Washington"
12 x 16
1st Place Ogden Plein Air
8 x 10
1st Place - Ogden Plein Air Quick Draw
Spending a week in Midway and Heber was great fun - just before the 4th of July.  I was able to go up and spend the last few days with him.  It was gorgeous weather and we got a little golf in as well!  He also took 1st Place at Midway and also won a Purchase Award.  I have posted all of those paintings on our website at as well.  This one was my favorite from Midway:

"Midway Farm"
12 x 16
Doug taught a one-day workshop in Moab and then spent the rest of the week painting in their competition.  He won their quick-draw competition with this piece:

"Center & Main"
10 x 8
We attended the Eccles Annual Fundraising Gala in Ogden, Utah.  What a great time!  Doug was the featured artist and it was great to run into some old familiar faces (let me clarify that to mean that they have been familiar faces for a LONG time, NOT that they are OLD!! haha)  This first one was used for their advertising for the show and was sold in the live auction last night.  Not sure who the lucky recipient was, but it was a SICK!  that's cool hip talk for freakin amazing!  just sayin . . . 

"24th Street"
20 x 24
December brought on a great surprise as I rounded the corner of my street one night as I was getting home from work . . . what to my wondering eyes did appear, but Christmas lights strung across the front of my house, down the sides, around the windows, around the door.  WHAT???  Who are you and what have you done with my husband who thinks a simple bulb in a porch light is "tastefully done!"  He and Wesley had surprised me with lights on the house.  No, seriously, first time in 25 years.  It was fabulous and I could NOT have been more surprised had there been a whole new house sitting there!  

December also featured a great show at Terzian Gallery.  Thank you to Karen and her new husband, Jan, for their always-kind and genuine hospitality while we are in Park City!  Here are a few of my favorites from the show!

"Wintry Exposure"
30 x 40
"Summertime Trappings"
40 x 42
"On a Clear Day"
20 x 24
40 x 30
Okay - going to post this before anymore time passes!  I can't wait to share with you some new 2012 work that has recently dried on the easel!   Can you say cupcake?  yep!  Life is good, kids are great, paintings keep coming and are getting better and better and I'm fifty and fab!!  And this blog, my friends, is merely from my perspective . . .  

Talk soon!


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