Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wet Paint and Queen of Procrastination!

Wesley just told me about a great "organizational" tool he's using called "I Procrastinate" and I thought "Damn, I should have patented that!"  because I do it all the time  So while I'm confessing my many shortcomings, I'll share some amazing stuff with you!!

Doug had an incredible show at Terzian Gallery in February.  It was an incredible variety of work. Here's some of my faves!

42 x 45
oil on canvas
This was the largest piece for the show.  Beautiful Boulder Mountain serenity in my book.   Another favorite was taken from some of the awesome photos I took of the midwest!!  I'm going with that, anyway!  This is one of my favorite paintings from the show - and probably from his 2013 paintings.  This one you really need to see in person - still hanging at Terzian Gallery I believe.

"Optimistic Horizon"
9 x 20
oil on panel
The glazes he used on this were so incredible listen to me talking all "painter-like" . . . yeah, I'm all over it!  Love the red barn and how it looks weathered.  Fun to see it up close and zoom in on how he does that.  I continued to be wowed by this man of 27+ years.  And did I mention we are now empty nesters?  I know, we came home one night and, BAM, they were all gone!  Like a magic trick!  That's how fast 27 years goes!

Wes doing some recording in his new "studio!" compliments of Ryan!
Ryan, our oldest son, bought a house a couple of miles from home here and Wesley, our youngest son, moved in with him!  Quite the bachelor pad goin' on there!  We told Ryan "get your room picked out quick because Wes has TONS of stuff!"  I think Wes occupies 2 of the 3 rooms with all his stuff!  One room with guitars and instruments on every wall!  What a great time they're having tho!

Okay - next painting, yes, I digress, which, I believe is a common trait in people who procrastinate!  

This painting was another FIRST in the Braithwaite book -- he painted an elk.  As we drove home from Wisconsin last fall, we came through Estes Park and came upon a herd of bulls surrounding this "King of the Hill."  He stood not 10 feet from the road and Doug stopped, and we took pictures for 2 or 3 minutes while he stood very still.
"King of the Hill"
18 x 24
oil on canvas
Doug's first inclination was to title it "Nice Rack" but I didn't want anyone to confuse that with . . . oh, never mind.  seeing the incredible variety already??  I know huh!   

This one was another first!  There's some pretty big moose in the Huntsville area!  Great capture of this beautiful and quiet little space.   

24 x 24
Oil on Canvas

The ski paintings were such a hit.  Always so fun.  Here's one of my faves - this one we posted on facebook and asked people to name it!  Some awesome names!  Skis and Trees, Got Skis?, Vertical Reality, Can't See the Forest for the Skis, Standing Tall, Winter's Silent Sentinels, Anticipation, Ski Garden, Board Meeting, Apres' Skis, Tips Up!  We went with Pick Up Sticks via Joy Richmond and Katrina West!  Thanks everyone!!  Loved utilizing people's creativity!  Doug was leaning toward "Skis!"  Hmmmm clever, I know.  

"Pick Up Sticks"
16 x 12
oil on panel

Also another beauty of Park City's favorite downtown - this includes the Kimball Arts Center.  What a great capture of a moment in time!

"Park Avenue"
9 x 20
oil on panel
"Shadow Play"
8 x 10
oil on panel

Wish I could post them all.  Seriously.  What a great show.  The day after, he did a little demo there in the gallery and people came in to watch.  He was a little painting of the Huntsville area.  

He also just completed an amazing painting for the Springville Salon which is currently being judged and paintings selected to be shown.  A list of selected paintings will be posted on April 16th.  Keeping my fingers crossed!  

"Base Camp"
42 x 45
oil on canvas
I think it's a winner myself.  And I'm really not that biased.  I really would say if I thought it sucked!  haha 

Doug also had a great showing at Zion's Plein Air Invitational.  I wasn't able to go with him this year so I was so anxious to hear how he did.  We were texting back and forth and I asked how it was going, he said "eh, okay."  I'm like, "really??"  Then he sends me a picture of this and says "well, there was THIS."  

"Best of Show"
Doug Braithwaite
Zion's Plein Air Invitational 2013
The big dork.  I was so excited for him and bummed that I wasn't there to share in the excitement.  All the neighbors in surrounding houses did get in on the excitement however!  Here's one of the paintings done there.  

Plein Air piece from the Zion's Invitational
12 x 16
I don't remember the name . . . 
Next post, I'll tell you about the "company party" Doug planned and executed at Christmas time.  Hil-AAAA-rious!!  

Doug has a busy year planned!  He's been invited back to Door County, Wisconsin!  Wahoo!  So excited for him - we soooo enjoyed that trip and the people we met - well, totally worth the trip - what a treat!  He's also teaching a workshop in June in Helper - June 9-14.  We have about 5 spots left so get to our website if you want a spot!  Always such fun!!  We are also teaching a workshop in Torrey which will happen just BEFORE the Escalante Plein Air competition, which we haven't been to for several years.  Very excited about hitting my old stomping grounds again!!  

Last painting off the easel . . . still wet and amazing!!  Enjoy.

"The Grass IS Greener on the Other Side"
8 x 20
Oil on panel
Thanks for following and I really do enjoy conversing with you, via blog.  and otherwise, when you want to call, just feel free!  

Talk soon!!  

Jeanette aka Queen of Procrastination