Monday, July 8, 2013

A Surgeon with a Paint Brush

So the time has flown by and we are getting ready to head back to Wisconsin and I need to catch you up on our happenings for the last few months.  We just got back from taking a whirlwind roadtrip to deliver "Casual Conversation" to our dear friends, Scott and Jeanne Bennion, in Southern California.  We jumped in the little Subaru for a little roadtrip and baby, bring on the RTC (ya know, road trip conversation!)  1550 miles in about 60 hours!  We did talk quite a bit about the weather!!  ya know "Damn, I'm  hot!!" stuff like that . . .    

"Casual Conversation"
24 x 30
From the Collection of Scott and Jeanne Bennion

Doug did this painting for the Bennions earlier this year and loved it so much, he wanted to put it in the Annual Spring Salon at the Springville Museum of Art.  They took in about 850 paintings, of which they were able to accept about 250 to show, and then awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd, etc. from there.  When I told Scott it received 3rd Place, he said "What??  They got it wrong!!"  Anyway, thanks, Scott and Jeanne, for letting us use the painting, and thanks so much for the great evening you showed us in Southern Cal!  The other painting that was in the Spring Salon was "Court of the Patriarchs" a 30x50 painting of Zion's National Park.  Another one of my faves!

"Court of the Patriarchs"
30 x 50

Working our way backwards, we took a quick trip to Torrey to deliver some work to the Torrey Gallery and had a great time with friends Bob and Julie!  Okay, backing up even further, yes, I digress, as one story leads to another, which leads to another, which is the story of my life so get over it!!  So the trip started out to test out our trailer, which we got in order to take a really long adventurous trip back to Wisconsin!  Why are you going to Wisconsin??  Yes, see, I knew you'd ask!!  I shall digress as you just asked the question!  Doug was invited back to the Door County Plein Air Invitational in Door County Wisconsin!  How cool, no?  Yes!!  Very cool!  So, over the last few months, we've been looking for a trailer we could pull with our Jeep Cherokee.  Something around 3,500 pounds we are told.  Okay, well finally we found one.  

Well, let's try that baby out and take it to Torrey.  Bob and Julie have a trailer too - let's take a trailer trip together!  Wahoo!  good times!  Reservations made at the RV Park.  Check.  All the food packed.  Check.  Up all night making sure everything works.  Check.  Start out and get south of Salt Lake and the Jeep is huffin and a puffin, trying to pull this little trailer (which, incidentally, is dry - no water in it, nothin).  It's like the little engine that could.  Except, yeah, this isn't really like the little engine that could, cuz this engine couldn't.  Doug looks over at me and says "well, this isn't going to make it!"  Long story short (haha you're thinking, Jeanette has no short stories, I know) we dropped off the trailer at my niece's house and had a fun weekend in Torrey but STILL have not tested out the trailer.  We did find another truck we HOPE will get us to Wisconsin pulling the trailer but we seriously don't know!  It will truly be an adventure and I shall keep you posted!!  We will appreciate your prayers, and for good measure, please keep your fingers crossed the entire time we are gone!  

We did, indeed have a swell time with Bob and Jules - drove down the Burr Trail, which, if you've ever driven down the "switchbacks" you will know why I had white knuckles.  It's mortifying!  Seriously.  It's an adventure for sure and the fact that I'm scared to death of heights and amusement park rides didn't really help either cuz it kinda is a lot of both!  

Here are some fun paintings Doug's done over the last few months.  

This one was done around the time of the film festival.  Love it - it's of the Egyptian Theater in Park City.  

"Egyptian Theater"
10 x 8

"Town Lift"
24 x 24

"Back Yard"
10 x 8

"Gear Check"
8 x 10

This one was in the show at Williams Fine Art in Salt Lake City in November of 2012.  I asked Doug about the title - Clarifying??  He said as he sat there, the fog was covering the whole barn.  He waited patiently as it started to lift.  The details of the barn began to come into focus.  I love the background.  Very subtle brush strokes, yet very clear that they are houses in the background.  Funny story - our son, Ryan, works in the Apple Store in Salt Lake City.  They have a lot of people come into the store looking for art applications for their ipads, computers, etc.  They always direct them to Ryan as he's pretty sharp with that stuff.  Inevitably, he gets talking about art, and it comes up that his dad is an artist and that his name is Doug Braithwaite.  Most times, they know him well or know OF him.  One in particular said "he is a surgeon with a paint brush!"  I thought that was a great description!

15 x 40
This one was a commission for a guy who owns a guest home in Hawaii.  Doug did quite a bit of research finding some references for this one but it turned out just magnificent!  He was so pleased!

"Beach House"
16 x 20

Doug was also fortunate enough to participate in the Zion's Bank show and on the same night, was recognized at the Inaugeral Davis County Art Exhibit in which he won 2nd Place and a Purchase Award for "Regards" which they purchased for their permanent collection.
40 x 42
Here are a few more paintings Doug had in his holiday show at Williams Fine Art.  Look on our website for their availability.
"Bryce Vista"
24 x 30 
"Smoke in Mirrors"
13 x 15

"Jumping Through Hoops"
13 x 15

"End of the Block"
16 x 20
So hey, we are heading out Sunday morning!  I'm so serious!  Keep your fingers crossed and pray for our safe arrival!!  We are going as far as Cheyenne WY the first night - then to Lincoln NE on Day 2!  Then hopefully to Illinois on Day 3.  We are doing a weekend workshop in Northern Illinois (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).  If you know anyone in that area, let me know asap!!  We'd love to get them in!  It will be great!  Sunday, we are heading on up to Fish Creek - the little "appendix" of Wisconsin that sits out in the middle of Lake Michigan!  I have no idea what to expect but I promise to keep you posted!  I'll post some paintings and some pictures!

Love to hear from you!!  Follow us on FB or comment below and let me know if there's anything you're interested in hearing about, paintings you'd like to see or something special you'd like Doug to paint for you!

Talk soon!




  1. Have a wonderful trip. Keep these newsletters coming. You do a wonderful job with them!

  2. That is the best description, ever, for Doug and his talent, "surgeon with a paintbrush".