Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wet Paint and Humidity!

Will this paint ever dry in 87% humidity?  Holy humidity!  Who needs a shower, just walk outside, lather up, wait a few minutes (that's the rinse) and go back inside and dry off!  Crazy!!

If you've been following my posts on facebook, you see we are on our roadtrip and are now in the heart of the beautiful, but humid, midwest!  The truck and trailer and doing great and so are Doug and Max!  Cheyenne the first night (400+ miles), West Omaha the 2nd night (400+ miles) and last night, Galena, Illinois.  We are just a mile or so from the Mississippi River.  It is seriously gorgeous but the humidity is brutal.  We think 24% humidity in Yew-tah is rough!  bahaha!!

I'm ready to play, whenever you have
a minute.  Just waiting. . . still waiting . . . 
Each of the campgrounds we've stayed at have a doggie park so Max has loved going to play fetch!  Doug posted this picture on his FB a week or so ago but I'm going to repost it because it is Max to a T! He is ALWAYS eager, ready and available to play fetch.  He races like a mad-man to get the ball, brings it back, drops it at your feet.  If it rolls or isn't close enough, you say, "right here, Max, bring it right here," and he grabs it and brings it closer.  Then he sits down in this pose.  Backs up a bit.  Then if you wait to decide where you're going to throw it, he starts to shake and shiver with anticipation.  I'm so glad we decided to bring him.  He sits between us in the cab of the truck.  Occasionally, scoots over and puts his whiskery chin and paw on my lap.  Ah, a dogs life.  Doesn't get better than that!!

So as we were driving through Iowa and Illinois, we were amazed at the literally thousands of "barn paintings" at every turn.  Just incredible!!  So today was the first day we didn't have an 8 hour drive ahead of us so I am sitting comfortably in the trailer with some cool air while Doug is acclamating himself to the heat and is out doing a plein air study this morning.  I've had many of you ask about purchasing these plein air studies so I've talked Doug into letting me offer this little plein air study to my blog readers FIRST for the "wet paint plein air" price, which is straight off the easel, unframed and will be ready to ship within 3-4 days.  (We will give it time to dry so Doug can put a varnish over it).  Saw Wheat!!  (say it fast . . . )  Sooooo, first person to call, text or email me with dibs . . . I'll list those numbers and addresses below.

We went into a great little town last night - Galena.  I came to this town almost 30 years ago and I was always thinking "I want to come here for my honeymoon!"

Well, 27 years after the "first" honeymoon wasn't half bad!!  It is the cutest little town ever tho.  We walked all over and finally found a restaurant we wanted to try only to find out it is closed on Tuesdays!!  bahaha!!  Just our luck!!  I sent the picture of "Poopsies" to my kids last night.  Wesley said "I'm glad you didn't go there for dinner, I heard the reviews were kinda crappy!"

Below are a couple of paintings that are ready to head to a gallery soon.  First one is "Sculpting" and is heading to Terzian Gallery.  Hoping we can get it to Salt Lake City while we're gone so Amy and Karen can coordinate a pick up curbside on 2nd South and State!

18 x 24
This other one is for the Zion's Plein Air Invitational in November.  We are looking forward to going down to that the first week in November!  In the meantime, it will be sent down to Zion's to be in their museum in August, I believe.  It is for sale down there.  If you're down that way, stop through and look at the incredible work of the artists that will be participating in the plein air event in November.  It is growing each year.  Such a fun event.

"Zion's Arch"
18 x 24
The Art-Teest is back!!  Wahoo!  He went back over the Mississippi to Iowa - ahhh!!  Good choice, hun!!  It's incredible!  I'm waiting impatiently while he takes a picture.  Can you see my fingers tapping on the table.  I'm almost chilled in here with this AC going . . . oops, that's going to get me a dirty glare!  sucks being a plein air painter, doesn't it?  ouch, that's gonna hurt!  

K - going to post this beautiful little painting.

"Iowa Barn Painting"
8 x 10
For Sale - Blog Readers first dibs!!
K - we're heading to the Paul Wolff Campground to start scouting out for our workshop that starts tomorrow.  Talk soon!!

Hope to hear from you!!  If you can't get through on my cell, send me an email so I can check time stamps!



or post a comment below - but just be FIRST!!

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