Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wet Paint in Door County!

The first day of painting was a great success!  Doug got up and outta here at 6 am and found a great barn on County Road EE!  I'm learning more "painter talk" as we talked about naming this painting "Back Light" but I think he's used that name a few too many times!  He could have painted in 4 different directions and had a killer painting!  I loved this view tho!

"Morning Highlights"
12 x 16
When he finished and got back to the trailer park, apparently he drove right by Max and I as we were right at the entrance at the picnic table!  I decided I should head back and he was already having lunch and was already to head to the Artist's paint out at Woodwalk Gallery!  So we jumped in the truck and headed up there.  What a beautiful gallery and grounds!  There were about 15 artists scattered all around the grounds with some stunning paintings.  Doug decided to paint the house.  Lots of people came to watch the artists paint and it was awesome to meet some more people.  Met a great couple from St. George, Utah!  Wahoo!  

People were intrigued, as they always are, at the way Doug takes a painting from the "purple hue" value study to the final product.  If you look closely, you can probably see some of that purple in the tree still showing through.  

"Woodwalk Gallery"
8 x 10
The weather held out while Doug finished this great painting and Max met some great four-legged AND two-legged friends!  Everyone here, it seems, are real animal lovers.  They all know how to approach a dog and wait for him to "warm up" to them before they pet him.  Max was in heaven with all the attention!!  We have found out something, however.  When he's on his leash, he doesn't like to go potty.  Shy?  Not enough privacy?  I don't know.  But as he walks by a tree or even a fire hydrant, he's like "oh yeah, let's mark this spot here" then he looks around and you're standing there and he gets gun shy!  I thought the dude was going to pop before he finally emptied his bladder!  

Got back to the home-sweet trailer and collapsed.  Doug was beat from 8 straight hours of painting in the sun.  I was beat because, well, I had been busy.  I mean, handing out business cards, keeping Max under control, well, it's just plain exhausting!  

Doug made some fajitas for dinner that were delish!!  Then we decided to go for a ride and check out the rest of Door County.  One minute, you look like you're deep in the forest with trees completely covering both sides of the road and you're going through a tunnel - then the next minute, you're on the pier and there are boats and docks and what appears to be an ocean that goes on forever!  We have Green Bay on the one side of Door County (that's the side we're on) and the other side is Lake Michigan.  Here's a few pictures we took along the way:

We pulled off and into this little "beach area" and walked down inside to the beach.  We were amazed to find the beach that we were walking on was ALL shells!!  Seriously!!  

Is that incredible or what??  Piles and piles of shells!  And as you get further out, they get finer and finer because they've been crushed up so much by being walked on!  Crazy!!

Where we're standing are pretty crushed up shells.  The little "mound" near the water is totally uncrushed sea shells that get washed up.  Anyway, gorgeous!!

The drive back took about 45 minutes to meander our way back.  A brilliant sunset over the water was breathtaking but no photo as I was driving!  You'll have to take my word for it!

Stay tuned for some killer paintings today!  Thanks for following!  

Talk tomorrow!!  

J'net and her sidekick, Max

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