Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wet Paint, Barns & Rhubarb Jelly!

Day Two was incredible in Door County!!  The morning took Doug back to County Road EE again as there was just too much to take in for just one sitting!  He had a great size board which let him do a wide painting - an 8 x 16 I believe.

"Bus Stop"
8 x 16
The venue for this plein air event is so fun in the sense that you get to meet a lot of people!  They have two places each day where artists will be painting.  This way, the artists get to not only meet each other, but viewers and admirers also get to watch the artists paint.  How fun for them to get to see the process go from start to finish rather than just the final product.  

For lunch, we decided to venture out to try some local restaurants.  I had a white fish sandwich with some fresh local fish and it was UHHHH-mazing!!  I also went for the mighty splurge and treated myself to a leaded AND loaded Pepsi (caffeine AND sugar!)  haha I know, I'm pretty easy to please!  

We came back to home camp and chilled while the wind rocked the place (check the weather, it really was the wind - 20-30 mph I think!!)  Max refuses to come inside.  He sits sprawled out on the grass and watches people as they go by and watches the slightest movement.  He doesn't sleep for fear he will miss something!  

Doug ventured out around 2:30 for painting #2 for the day.  Moonlight Bay.  I worked some laundry and spent 48 minutes on the phone with Frontier Airlines to cancel my one-way flight (that I was supposed to be on today) but as you can see, I came early and was here for the WHOLE trip!  Lucky me - or even more lucky, lucky Doug!!  Oh yeah!!  And I keep reminding him just how damn lucky he is!  

"Moonlight Bay"
8 x 10
So this morning, we've been out already but with no wifi so I will post the two paintings from today in the morning!!  Prepare, again, to be wowed!  We are going tonight to a Sunset Paintout at Sisters Bay.  Should be some spectacular paintings to post tomorrow!

By the way, thanks to Scott Shearer (or his lovely wife) for the delicious rhubarb jelly that went absolutely perfect with my toast and peanut butter this morning.  What a treat!!  It won't last till I get home, I'm certain.  I bought a fresh loaf of bread last night and have a nice hiding place in the trailer!  

I love hearing from you!!  If you're new to reading the blog, please send me an email and I'll add you to our mailing list so you can be "in the know!"  

Thanks friends!  I've heard back from so many of you and I LOVE it!!  Talk soon!!


J'net and Max-a-milllllion!!  I love him a millllion!!  and sometimes just a thousand . . . hahaha sorry Wesley, I couldn't resist but I knew you missed hearing me say that!!  haha  


  1. Have had rhubarb jam but not jelly...always something new! Enjoy for me, too!! XOXOOX
    Thundering here in Escalante and occasional drizzle..

  2. Gorgeous paintings! Glad you're enjoying Door County!