Monday, July 22, 2013

Wet Paint on the Fox River!

The final day of the workshop couldn't have been better if we had custom ordered the weather!!  It was fabulous!  A cool breeze took us down to the Fox River Valley for Doug's demo starting at 8:00 am.  The Fox River is beautiful and home to this darling gaggle of geese (notice the two babies hitching a ride on Mama's back!)

Doug's demo was on the bank of the river looking up the river at a bridge that crossed at Main Street.  Max was thoroughly enjoying the smells of every kind and the people watching as well!  

"Fox River"
8 x 10
Here's the group L-R Doug, Scott Shearer, Ken Davy, his wife, Joanne Davy,
Jeff Kennedy, Karyl Shields and Joy Richmond. 
Doug, as usual, kept his hands very clean of all paint, chemicals, etc. while painting.  He's a neat painter, I'll tell you that!  

We took a quick lunch break and came back to the river and spread out a little.  Doug made his way around to everyone but we were wowed by the paintings that came out of that last session.  Very impressive!!  

I think everyone felt much more comfortable and, as Joy mentioned, she made some "breakthroughs" that helped get her to a new level in her painting.  Here's some of their paintings that came out of that session:

Joy's painting:

Jeff's painting:

Karyl's painting:  

Ken's painting:

Scott's painting:

It was a really great day and we were so proud of everyone's work!!  Mostly very grateful to have met new friends and share our love of art and painting!!

To add to our fun circle of friends, Doug being the outgoing soul that he is, went and introduced himself to our RV "neighbors" the night before and seriously, they were the cutest couple ever!  Gaby and Brian and their two cute "kids" (two black labradoodles!)  As Grandma Griffin would say "we visted and visted!"  The next day, they came and found where Doug was painting on the Fox River and watched him paint for a while!  Then, they were gracious enough to BBQ us some delicious steaks for our last night in Illinois and we just laughed and giggled into the night!!  Who'da thunk??  Well, we already know that some of our favorite people have been met under what seemed to be very random conditions but I was indeed grateful that Doug walked over to say hello.  What delightful people we have met thus far!!  Not sure what we've done to deserve such wonderful friends, but thanks to all of you who follow our blog, our painting "stuff" and allow us to call you our friends.  We love you!!  

We got up early Sunday morning at o-dark thirty and were here in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin by noonish! And oh my, Scott, you were right.  This is beautiful!!  We went to a fun "welcome" dinner last night and met some neat artists and sponsors and everyone was ready to hit the ground running this morning!!  Doug was out early and I'm here at the campground up near the pool where I can get wifi!! 

Max is like, what are you doing?  aren't you supposed to be working??  

Okay - Doug will be back soon and we're heading over to do another painting at a gallery - I like how I say "we" are going to do a painting!  haha it's such a tender thing how we share everything!  

Talk soon!!  Wow - two posts in one day!  This is record-breaking!!

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