Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wet Paint and Artistic Desserts!

It's been a great few weeks since the show in St. George and we've been busy with STUFF!  I mean, the days fill up and the evenings come fast and furious!

We started a little project of tearing up our laundry room, pulling out the washer and dryer, cleaning behind them--seriously?  I mean - super clean!  No lint or anything!!  Yeah right . . . oh, truly, it was downright embarrassing!  We replaced hoses and tidied everything up and decided to throw on a little paint.  I started out and Doug, being the very smart man he is, said "Hon, you're doing a fabulous job at this painting!!"  Me:  "Ya think??  Well, you wait till tomorrow and see what else I can do!"  And the rest is history - I painted the whole room and Doug was proud as punch and he didn't have to lift a brush, except in his studio!!  I told you he was smart and a sweet talker!!  The curtains are kinda "artsy".  Here's what he kicked out while I was painting in the laundry room!
"A Change of Scenery"
14 x 11
Oil on Panel
 I included the frame in the picture because it just looks amazing with the frame.  It's a boat from back in Wisconsin.  It's spectacular.  Now at Terzian Gallery if you want to see it up close and personal.

Mornings are filled with yard work and gardening for the past couple of weeks.  Gym memberships have gone unused because the sun feels so good and we're pooped by the time we get through!

Doug's got an amazing garden going.  He laid down a big tarp, then laid out some "raised boxes" in a big open area.  Put the sprinklers below the boxes and then cut the tarp, peeled it back, dug down a ways and then filled with some good rich soil.  VOILA!  The guy is brilliant I tell you I, said "hon! you are doing a fabulous job with this garden! . . . tee hee  nuf said?"  

So we have 10 tomato plants, then in these small "mini" raised beds, we have zucchini, butternut squash, eggplant, 3 different melons, and cucumbers. Then another larger raised bed with just peppers.  All kinds . . . we even went for a ghost pepper.  So we'll see how that goes . . . will we even see it grow??  ooooooo . . .  Here's me working while Doug is planting and doing such an amazing job, did I mention?  

So then, in the middle of watching our garden grow, he does this!

"Apple Blossoms"
20 x 21
Oil on Canvas
Amazing, right?  I know - a little surprising and not as "Doug-esque" as you would expect.  But he does like to paint the unexpected, right?  

I have been being a little artistic myself and not just painting the laundry room - I know I got duped there!  but every Sunday, we have all the kids over and it's so fun to cook for the fam!!  Here's a couple of my fun desserts that were damn close to being too pretty to eat!!  To the left is a great funnel cake and don't get all impressed because it's very cool-looking - I have a pan for that and it's so heavy-duty, they literally just fall right out!  and to the right, a sour cream chocolate cake with a dark chocolate, almost bitter, chocolate glaze that seriously, it was to die for.  Yeah, I took the picture on a doily and put a strawberry next to it - dorkie, I know!  But hey, this was good stuff!!  If you're in the neighborhood, you really should "drop" in some Sunday night - there's always good food, good fun, sometimes a fire out back and usually a great card game that we've renamed "Bloody Hell!!"  don't ask . . . Bloody hell, just come and play!!  

Classes are filling up - Huntsville will be perfect weather in June!!  Don't miss out.  Love to have you  jump in.  Here's the two paintings he did as demos last year - they were both spectacular and students started a bidding war on them!!  We've had such great feedback from the students who took this class. It's just such a great setting and Doug knows every nook and cranny up there!

Check out the colors in the tree below.  The photo doesn't do it justice - the original was magical to look at:

Here's the link to sign up for the class.  Go to our website - then click on "Workshops!"  

Workshop goes from June 25-28 (that's a Thursday morning through Sunday morning - 7 sessions).  

K - check back soon as there are a couple of killer paintings on the easel right now I can't wait to share with you!!  

Also this Friday, May 1 from 6-9 pm, we are going to participate in "Ogden's Finest" at Shanna Kunz-Hernandez' wonderful little gallery "Bella Muse Studio & Galleries."  It should be an incredible compilation of some of Ogden's finest artists.  There's some amazing artists in this area and we are excited to be part of that show!!  and I'm helping make some delectable desserts for the show!   

Signing off with a great picture (one of a bagillion pictures we take of our only grandchildren at this point.)  Max is "chillin'" with Doug and when I say "chillin'" I mean, it was really chilly!  Max was shaking like a leaf so Doug tucked him in his coat!  Aren't they both just cute as can be?  Both have very nicely groomed mustaches, don't they?   

And Jeffrey, well, he's just damn cute!  He absolutely loved our whirlwind snowstorm in the middle of April.  Me,  not so much . .  Bloody hell . . .

Good Night!!


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