Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Plein Air Trippin' Day 1: Wyoming Sky 6 x 8

Here's the first one - and it's amazing!!  

From Doug:

"here is the morning's piece called Wyoming Sky.  It's a 6x8.  Crazy weather with on and off rain.  This is a view from my trailer of the freeway.  Kinda typical for Wyoming, I guess!  Hope this comes through alright - wifi for my computer is very slow - I may try and paint again tonight if I get to my next stop at a decent time.  Ogillala Nebraska.  Love you, Doug"

"Wyoming Sky"
6 x 8
Ahh, tender!!  Yes, Ogillala, Nebraska!  Good times!  Can't wait to see what it looks like there.  

Drive safe, hun!!  Love you too!!



  1. Ogallala, as I remember, is half between SLC and Chi-town. I have driven that about 20 times, back when I was youngish. :) Drive safe.

    1. Indeed! And the first thing he does is lock his keys in his truck! Bahaha!