Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wet Paint at the Dock

Short and sweet, but, wow!!  I was blown away at his first painting yesterday morning.  Just barely getting an image out of him!!  I have already placed an order for giclee prints of this one.  It's an 11x14.  Original won't last long in Door County, I'm certain.  Giclee print 11x14 on canvas or archival paper runs $115 if you're interested.  Original size.

Keep those juices flowin' hon!!
"Morning at the Bay"
11 x 14
They turn in 4 paintings at the end of the week to be judged.  He said he painted another boat but I haven't gotten an image out of him yet.  Busy??  WhatEV!!  

I'll keep ya posted!!  

Wowser - I'm still awestruck . . . that's just from my perspective . . . 


  1. OMG! This has to be my favorite so far. I may want one of the prints, but thinking I need to see more before I decide. I miss you peoples!

  2. Miss you too, Becky!! More is coming!!