Friday, July 18, 2014

Wet Paint and a Hundred Bucks a Pop!

Early morning took Doug to an all-too-familiar sight that he says is "a hundred bucks a pop!"  "Wow," I'm thinking, "he's a big spender!!"  hahaha

"Fillin' Up"
8 x 10
Yep, 25 gallon tank at four bucks a gallon = $100 bucks a pop!

Part of his fun today was the nasty accident on the freeway that stopped traffic completely for an hour and a half!!  Now, when you're a great water-drinker like Doug is, and you're on a hot freeway, you go through a couple of water bottles in nothing flat.  Stopping for your "hundred dollar" fill-up always has a welcome restroom!!  So, sitting on the freeway for an hour and a half, one goes from "I gotta go" to "I'm dyin here!!" pretty fast!  Sorry for the painful delay, hun!  Hope those kidneys are okay!!

Just talked to him and he's near Iowa City.  Said it's beautiful and anxious to get us another little painting in the morning.

Sleep well, darlin!

Gnite all!!


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