Sunday, July 20, 2014

Small Painting of a Big Wisconsin Barn!

What a great little painting he knocked out this morning before heading to Door County!  A little 6x8 morning study of a Wisconsin Barn!  They don't have little barns in Wisconsin!!

"Small Painting of a Big Wisconsin Barn"
6 x 8
He just had a short way to travel this morning and made it safe and sound to his destination where he'll hang out for the entire week.  He sent a rare "selfie" - looking a little "bad-ass" in my opinion or maybe just tired!  nah, let's go with bad-ass!!  haha

A Rare Selfie! 
The campground was spacious and he has everything set up and is ready to roll!  

So many great places to paint in Door County - in one direction, they have the water and piers all the way around the outside - Lake Michigan on one side to the east and Green Bay to the West.  Then inland, beautiful barns, green grass, then every now and again, you drive through these tall pine trees that make you think you're at the top of Boulder Mountain in Southern Utah!  Crazy and diverse landscape.  Can't wait to see where he goes in the morning.

Good luck, hun!!  Praying for good weather and great inspiration!!  


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