Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wet Paint a thousand miles away!

So we use this app that's called 'Find My Friends" which allows us to see where your 'friends" are at any given time!  Yeah kinda stalker-ish!!  Doug's GPS "voice" somehow took a little sabbatical and he and the map on the phone aren't super tight!  So thank goodness for the Stalker App - I kinda stalked him the whole way and sure enough, he made it to Wisconsin just fine!!  Whew!!  I'm not gonna lie - I'm relieved - today was the day he got off I-80 and had to meander through cities and cross rivers.  He doesn't really need me - but I like feeling like he does!!

Here's the painting he did this morning!  I requested a barn!  Here's what I got!!

"Iowa Horizon"
6 x 8

Love it!!  Just heard from him . . . he's kicking back and apparently enjoying the welcome wagon!!  Ahhh - tender!    

And to quote him:  "And what you can't hear is the cow bell and old car horn - aaaaa OOOOOOO GA!!!"  That is hilarious . . .   Welcome to Wisconsin, Mr. Famous Doug Braithwaite - Plein Air Painter of all!  I kinda know how he's feeling - ya know, being Miss Garfield County and all - I get a parade like that when I go to Escalante . . . I'm kinda a big deal!  bahahah!!  Jeanette who??  yeah . . .  

Things on the homefront are fine - the garden delivered it's first cucumber today!!  Woot Woot!!  Wesley is in charge of watering both the shop - garden, flowers and everything here at the house as well.  Bless his little heart!  He's a gem!!  

Thought I'd share one of Ryan's little paintings from a couple of weeks ago as well.  Great little painting in Ogden.  

Just off 24th Street in Ogden
by Ryan Braithwaite
8 x 10
It's for sale!!  
Have a great evening everyone!  See you in the morning!!  


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