Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wet Paint and Keys on the Seat in Ogillala!

"Hey Hon!  I'm here at Shopko to get a spare key made and I, uh, locked my keys in the truck.  They're on the seat!"  Ahh, what Doug won't do to make me feel needed!!  Had roadside assistance on speed dial and within the hour, the keys are off the seat and and back in the ignition!  Thank you Geico!!

Good memories of Ogillala that make us smile!  Here's the painting he did this morning:

"Memories of Ogillala"
8 x 10
Beautiful, Doug.  Really captures the morning and great composition.  Sorry I'm so late in posting this, but, uh, I was working.  Yeah, let's go with that!

Golf game with Tim and Staci Kendell and Doug's fill-in - our oldest son, Ryan! 
What a great time!!  Sorry Doug, you kinda missed the tee time!  and besides, you were having fun making memories in Ogillala . . . I was kinda jealous of that too, ya know!  

He was making his way to West Omaha tonight - pretty sure he's there so we'll see what we get tomorrow!!

good night!!


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